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  • Posted in thread: Beginners Guide to Water Treatment on 18-01-2017 at 10:25 PM
    @strange-steve I've just done my water tests which was a job in its self for a D grader in
    science like me!I have a alkalinity of 240 ppm and a wacking great 410 ppm of calcium.I'm
    planning a Belgium ...

  • Posted in thread: Strange-steve's Homebrew Reviews on 18-01-2017 at 10:07 PM
    I had a left over bottle of the very nice "Bowl of Wheatos" weissbier by @jceg316 which placed
    2nd in the December competition so thought I'd polish it off tonight. Hopefully he doesn't mind
    me postin...

  • Posted in thread: AG50 RIPa on 18-01-2017 at 07:51 PM
    Checked the gravity on this today, a week after pitching and it's at 1.022 making it about 7.9%
    abv. Flavour is quite promising though the alcohol is a tad harsh, might take a few weeks to
    mellow out....

  • Posted in thread: AG49 Vermont IPA on 18-01-2017 at 07:45 PM
    Thanks for the kind words Mick, I appreciate the review :hat:As for the body, I don't know if
    you saw this Brulosophy exbeeriment, but it appears that oats don't really have as much of an
    impact as we...

  • Posted in thread: Grand Funk Railroad (working title) on 17-01-2017 at 11:32 PM
    Did you use brett for this? Just wondering cos of the name.

  • Posted in thread: Belgian dubbel, first brew for a while on 17-01-2017 at 11:29 PM
    A starter would probably have helped but I'm sure it's still working away. I never had a brew
    fail to ferment, even if it takes a while to get going. Looks like a good recipe, I'm planning
    on doing so...

  • Posted in thread: What are you drinking tonight? on 17-01-2017 at 11:24 PM
    Mikkeller Ginger Brett IPA, Anchor Porter and Evil Twin Christmas Eve RIS. All fantastic!

  • Posted in thread: Liquid loss on the boil on 17-01-2017 at 03:16 PM
    We have no control over volatile compounds (grains, never proven) Id like to see your research
    on this one. Hops, proven, lots of papers available on-line about exracting the Lupus from hop

  • Posted in thread: Liquid loss on the boil on 17-01-2017 at 02:12 PM
    WTF are you talking about.Well since you asked nicely...Why would you want to loose the
    volatile hop flavours in your brew.Good question, I don't want to lose them but apparently you
    do, let me remind...

  • Posted in thread: Liquid loss on the boil on 17-01-2017 at 01:17 PM
    Slightly off post.....The Anatomy of a Hop ....Take one hop cone...peel back the outer petals
    and you will see the Lupus (this is like a yellow dust) this is what we want in our beer. The
    outer petals...

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