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Old 24-11-2016, 08:05 PM   #91
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Default Supermarket Juice Wine Recipes and Wurzels Orange Wine (WOW) (Recipes only)

Having not experimented for a week I kicked off a little WOW after finding inspiration from the old wine recipe book I'm reading:

Apple and Grapefruit 5L

1L Apple Juice
1L Grapefruit Juice
0.5L Red Grape Juice
1tsp Youngs SWYC
1tsp Pectolase
1tsp Glycerine
1tsp Citric acid
Mug of strong tea
680g sugar
Topped up with water

OG 1.090

Hoping for a dry one with a citrus kick.

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I've just degassed and stabilized my first ever WOW, and it tastes amazing already (had a sip of the test jar when taking SG), and is a deep deep red!

Recipe below..

P.S. Thanks to Richards red, and @Vinotinto - I don't know how to tag a member so they see this.

x8 litres of RGJ, asda del Simon £8
x2 bottles of wilkos grape concentrate £6
x2 tsp glycerine
x2 tsp pectolase
x2 squeezed fresh lemons
x6 teabags brewed in 1L water
x2 tsp nutrient
x1 sachet youngs bergundy yeast £1
x2 l boiled water, disolving 1kg sugar 50p

started 12/11 , SG = 1.104
Went crackers and frothed over my bucket, lid sat on loose, no airlock.

19/11 - pushed lid firmly home, and added airlock to bucket. No bubbling to speak off, so think it had finished by then. Left for 1 further week.

26/11 - been busy, and wanting yeast to clean up - racked to x2 DJ's and a x2 litre PET bottle. SG = 0.990

I racked onto wilko stabilizer, which already contains Campden tablets in it.
Added 2ml Wilko finings pack A, and 10ml pack B to each DJ. Chucked the rest, as I couldn't fine kwik clear. Within hours I can see it working.
Stuck in me garage @ 9 degrees to clear.
Will bottle and start drinking next Saturday.

For not much over a quid a bottle, this looks promising..

I'm going to do a controlled test, smaller batch just 1 gallon, and leave out the wilko RGC to see what happens.

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Oh, did have a good WOW, with a Tescos juice concentrate recently as well.

240g Youngs red grape concentrate
500ml Strawberry & raspberry, hidden in ingredients was 7-9% blackberry, reason why I tried it. Turned out a good red wine after 4-6 months.
700g sugar, pectolase, nutrient and tannin, didn't use camdens or citric, youngs super yeast compound.
Brewing - all 1 gal
1. 2x elderflower 18.10.17
2. Sloe Wine 2dj 1.9.16
3. 2x Sloe & raspberry wine 17.5.17
4. Sloe wine 4.9.17
5. 12 ltr turbo cider. 27.10.17
6. 2x Rhubarb wine 30.7.17 clearing
7. Blackberry Wine 4.9.17
8. Blackberry Wine 9.9.17
9. Sloe Wine 9.9.17
10. Damson wine 21.9.17
11. Blackberry melomel 10.8.17
12. 2 x young oak leaf white 29.4.17 bottled
13. 2x Sloe & Raspb' wine 21.5.17 clearing
14. Juneberry Melomel 6.8.17
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Just bottled a variant of this:
1.5 lt Lidl AJ
1lt Lidl RGj
1 bottle Lovich raspberry syrup
1 mug black tea
1 tsp each of pectolase, yeast nutrient, Youngs super yeast compound, glycerine
560g sugar
Make up to 4.5 lt with boiled, cooled water. OG 1100.
Fermented for 3 weeks, FG 999, calculated ABV 13%. Killed further fermentation with 1 Campden tablet. Bottled in 6 bottles.
Looks crystal clear and tastes really good.
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