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Default Britton’s first AG brew day

Well here we go, my first AG brew day, gone with a Summer Lightening clone. First time using my own equipment so lessons will be learnt. In boiler now so will update.
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Good luck! Keep us posted! Make loads of notes as you go to help with next time
Cheers and gone,

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Thanks, pretty happy right now, target OG spot on! How for my first time I don’t know!
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Great start!

Here's my own "three tier" system. Everything is put in place empty of water before I start.

The Hot Water Vessel is filled, heated up to Strike Temperature and run onto the Mash Tun.

The grain is doughed in to the Mash Tun and allowed to mash for an hour; whist the HWV is refilled and re-heated to Sparge Temperature.

After Mashing the wort is lautered (using 2 x 2ltr jugs) until it runs clear and it is then diverted into the Boiler.

The Sparge water is used to sparge the grain straight into the Boiler at 1 litre per minute.

Whilst the boil is in progress the Mash Tun is removed and a wooden cover is placed over the gap it leaves.

After cooling the wort in situ, the Boiler is lifted up so that the wort can be run into the FV.

The FV sits on a small wheeled trolley so that I can just pull it round to the garage where the fermentation fridge is located.

The system makes doing an AG brew an absolute pleasure, but I still wouldn't say "No Thanks!" if I was offered a free Grainfather!
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I use beersmith to build recipes and have only had one beer which missed the OG by more than a few points, and that was my own fault.

I love the ability to make any beer I choose
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