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Default Pugh,Pugh,Barney Mcgrew,Cuthbert,

Dibble and Grub
Brian Cant died today aged 83
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Another one i didn't know was still alive, R.I.P Brian.

A young Tony Robinson at 0:55.

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Sad news, he was a fantastic presenter and seemed like a genuinely nice man.
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Originally Posted by Chippy_Tea View Post
Another one i didn't know was still alive, R.I.P Brian.

A young Tony Robinson at 0:55.
Music just isn't the same these

Like you would have thought he had already passed. He seemed to do a lot of voice overs of classic 70's kids programs, like trumpton and other stop start animation of the day for the bbc, would not say he was particularly inspirational in playaway and found his performances disconcerting.
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Tony Robinson there looks a bit like old Charles hawtrey of the carry on films.bloody funny looking back in the day too
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Has anyone else clocked the song lyrics "the ladies in a harem"....
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Innocent days.

Chigley. Camberwick Green. Trumpton. didn't he voiceover those too?
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Originally Posted by ElvisIsBeer View Post
Innocent days.

Chigley. Camberwick Green. Trumpton. didn't he voiceover those too?
Innocent days?

Remember Captain Pugwash and the Black Pig?

There was already a "Master Mates" and a "Pirate Willy" involved with the series but students invented extra names for the crew and they are now regarded as "Urban Myths". i.e. they are commonly believed but they don't actually exist.

Students at the time invented "Seaman Staines", "Roger the Cabin Boy" and "Master Bates" and co-incidentally the BBC cancelled the series.

The traumatised writer and inventor of the series won considerable damages when it was reported that the reason for the cancellation was the risqué names.

When the BBC cancelled Captain Pugwash was when innocence on Children's TV died a terrible death!

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...yeah,exactly! Kids 70's TV could read like a who's who of weirdos. ...that one who liked to fix it for you and that Australian with the extra leg.....
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