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Default California Common

I made the California Common back on 18 September last year. Used the GH recipe and had this brilliant idea to change the hop schedule.

In the book it is:
41g Northern Brewer @60m
14g Northern Brewer @10m
41g Northern Brewer @0m

I went for a cheap bittering hop and moving the NB to later in the boil (clever me? Not this time!):
17g Herkules @ 60m
40g Northern Brewer @15m
40g Northern Brewer @0m

Tried this first on 1 Feb - OMG was this bitter even still.
Drinking another (couple) tonight. Much smoother, but this is after 6 months.

I can really appreciate the point of this style now. It is a clean sort of taste.

I used US 05 for this, as I do for most of my beers as it tolerates a warm house (me plus 2-3 women, a lot less fun than it sounds!) and fermentation at ~22C.
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The outlaws are back (Mother and Father-in law) are over from. St Lucia 🇱🇨 and they always bring me a couple of Pitons, the national beer. Ąs a born again beer snob I was dubious but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a lager that's got a nice hop bitterness and flavour and the only problem is that the bottles are only 275ml.
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Rum and coconut milk.
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Head has finally become stable in my Belgian Pale! Tastes fantastic too!
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Bottle Conditioning:

Triple Topaz (Works Wonders,mate!) - ESB - 4.8% ~
Disco Biscuit - German Pils - 4.5 %


Ursa Major - Imperial Russian Stout 8%
Lick Your Wrist - Belgian Pale 4.6%

Up Next:

What did you say, son? - Saison (Work in progress)

Webpage -
Twitter - @Grizzlybrews
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A nice caramel latte whilst doing a stock take. Getting ready for a Tropic Thunder Clone. 😎☕

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Had one of my pseudo( Kolsch) lagers tonight. Possibly a little undercarbed but a nice drink. Didn't drink it too cold either so got some nice malt flavour
Brewed with the Crossmyloof Kolsch yeast of which i shall be buying more of.
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Had a couple of pints of the John Bull IPA, with a cascade dry hop... really am enjoying this even after just 4 weeks in the bottle.
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Had a Chestnut Ale, Stout of some description and a hoppy Stout of some description and it's hoppy alright...

Sent from my ALE-L21
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The crafty hen has to be the best by far I tasted in the series.
But the proper job powerfully hopped was a great taste.
Marris otter, pale Barley Malt, williamette, chinook & cascade...went down a treat.
For the Aroma and the taste of the hops was what I like...but if I'm honest and want to make IPA less hops.
Might get a crate when I'm shopping...or wait and make my own...

Brian Ducker

Milk stout (kegged)
Summer ale (10l)
all in type of stout thingy 10l
Doppelbock (bottled)
Milk stout (kegged)
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After a 10yr break from brewing, I'm just getting back into it and have done a few kits (Coopers Stout - can't go too far wrong) and now BIAB. Cracked open my second attempt last night after just a week in the bottle and very very impressed. It is a Cascade SMASH which ended up at about 5%. I kept the mash temperature on the low side which leaves it quite dry and very refreshing. I added a hop tea for the first time which gives it a lovely initial citrus aroma and flavour but leaves a subtle bitterness (I think the IBU was about 40). A bit of haze, but not too bothered about that it this stage. I primed with more sugar than I would normally (I forgot that I have only made 15Lt) but the extra fizz probably suits this beer.
I would normally leave a brew alone for a few more weeks to mature, but I think I will be getting stuck into this before the Cascade fades.
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