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Default Festival NZ 'Pilsner', As is or pimp?

I received a NZ 'Pilsner' kit over the Christmas period from a neighbour and although I havent done kits for a while I'm thinking I'll knock this one out later and get it in the FV.

Although it says 'Pilsner' in the description it has a California ale yeast and can be fermented at room temperature so I'm assuming they used Pilsner malt and catered for the general home brewing community and simply added an all round neutral type of yeast, in my eyes that would make it more of a Kölsch type ale rather than a Pilsner lager. In which case I have to decide how I want this kit to turn out, kits being kits I've changed the yeast anyway when I did them.

I have a fermenting fridge ready to go with Inky etc and could simply swap the yeast for a Safale 34/70 or other Bohemian Lager yeast and ferment in the fridge at the lower temp. OR use the original yeast and pimp it with orange extract and see if I can get even close to an orange ale I had back in the summer, I'm thinking I'd best leave that option for an A.G version seeing as I have no idea how this kit is meant to turn out as is. Personally I'm leaning towards the yeast swap and do a lager seeing as I'm not rushed for time or then again just knock it out according to the makers and see how it is which essentially would be going against why I moved on from kits pretty rapidly and don't really want to look back. Has anyone ever done this kit and swapped the yeast, or even done it with the original yeast?

Choices eh, this is the kind of dilemma I could do with a few more rather than the council tax etc.
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