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Originally Posted by Manxnorton View Post
Thx pal,
Had two or two types of them....crap with the down stairs taps (both types)
Ok-ish on the bathroom...sink..but the space in the small sink plus my one handed ettemp to secure it...still water come out!!
The bath no go!
This done for a few brews...but crap now..

Might look at this one...if it can fit the downstairs tap..
Unfortunately I've got no garden tap

Lata pal thank you
The tap in the second picture has a screw in bottom piece that can easily be removed and there is a GF tap screw in connector that works with it. The one that works looks like a "T" with a narrow top.

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the knack bri is to ;
1) wrap the male threads with copious ptfe tape, and then
2) drop the connection in the bath with a small towel or flannel to cover it and absorb any errant spry due to back pressure.. Then

3) securing (gaffer tapeing?) the post connection tube so its not pulled out of position...

fwiw i use the bathroom for washing fv's and other big pots and use a garden spray head and use the self same connection needing the towel as i crackd the plastic hozelock adaptor screwing it on DOH!!

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