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I went into M&S today to get a bottle of the flip top unfiltered German Lager I'd seen a couple of weeks ago but their small Broughty Ferry store didn't have it so I got a bottle of their "own brand" American IPA (brewed by Arbor Brewery Bristol) and it was very nice. Nice balance between flavour/aroma and bitterness.

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Fermenting -
American IPA

Drinking -
Annie Wheats (American Wheat, name changed because it doesn't taste anything like oranges)
Belgian Pale

Planning -
New Zealand hopped APA (May/June)
Common People Steam Beer Mk3(July)
Belgian Wit
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Just opened a Stone Cali-Belgique IPA from the new Tesco offerings. It's supposed to be normal Stone IPA brewed with a Belgian yeast. Wow! Completely different beer. Its like a Trippel on steroids. Lots of clove and phenol/esters from the yeast. I should have bought more than one!

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Originally Posted by Gerryjo View Post
Picked these up from Sainsbury's tonight as I've never had them before and thought I would give them a try.

Sent from my ALE-L21
I think I poured both of them down the drain. Awful beer. I will never buy another sainburys own brand beer again.
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Wonderful Cascade beer bottled 5 March - the second running's of a parti-gyle experiment started in mid Feb. Lovely beer.
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4 for a sixer from The Asda...
Old Tom with Chocolate, Yep. Full bodied, deep chocolate body, moorish and strong, I could sink a few of those, unfortunately so could my missus who requisitioned the whole glass after trying a sip.
Caledonian Brewing Co Three hop lager, Nope. tastes like a mash smells. No hop aroma and no redeeeming qualities.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Yep. Light, dry, refreshing. Prefer more hop forward ale but this will do nicely as a compromise.
Goose Island IPA, Yep. Bitter, malty, citrus hop, smooth mouth feel, great aroma. Best of the bunch and right up my street.
Next stop the garage...
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Originally Posted by Ale View Post
I think I poured both of them down the drain. Awful beer. I will never buy another sainburys own brand beer again.
The Ale was just about pallet able but the IPA was like a bad lager.Unfortunately I bought them so I drank them but shall never buy another.
Having my Hoppy Stout tonight but only two as I'm not feeling the best.
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I was volunteered to cook last night, and since it was nice outside, and I'm a bloke, I opted to burn meat with fire. There was double prep then, because I had to recommission the BBQ as well as prepare chicken and veggie kebabs, pork ribs, and some fish for the bairn. Plus some green stuff for looking at.

This sort of work requires significant lubrication, so I opted for 1 bottle of my Aussie Pale Ale that has been chilling all day, followed by the Asda 4 for 6.....and a couple of little uns from Aldi.


Old Peculier
Asda's own Golden Ale (Shep Neame, I think)
Asda's own Porter
Asda's own Gentleman Jack
a 99p coffee porter from Aldi
summat else - forget what

Fair to say, the meal was a tremendous success, and no fences were consumed by flames in the process.

Just had a couple of Ibuprofen and a Berocca-thing, and all will be well.

Geordie bitter kit (boosted) - 18/3/17
Youngs Bitter (much tweaked) - 5/3/17

Coopers Aussie Pale Ale
Coopers Cerveza (+ Cascade)

Whatever I can...
OK, I've sneaked a couple of the APA and it's good.
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