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Looks good. I've got the non-conical SS Brewtech Brewmaster bucket which I'm pleased with. Cleaning it is a piece of cake.
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Originally Posted by bigbud78 View Post
Its the 8 Gal, i'll never make more than a standard batch up and it'll fit in my new fermenter fridge

Paid a little extra for the butterfly valves, they are lovely !
Lovely! But I'm going to put a damper on all this "shiny conical" appreciation:

It remains lovely and shiny only as long as it isn't struck by a WIBNI. My "wouldn't-it-be-nice-if" was temperature management and you can see what it has done to my fermenter (actually, this is work in progress; there is even more 12mm black neoprene insulation to fit and I'll need some way of protecting the neoprene from abrasion). Your "shiny" will get struck even quicker as it get hidden away in a fridge.

There's 42L of "Dead Pony Club" clone in there stopping me getting on with the job. For anyone interested this is currently being held at 16C in 20-22C ambient by five loops of 10mm ID pvc pipe fed from the python output of a shelf chiller (like a Maxi 310). There is an ITC-308 controlling to +0.3C -0.0C and it comes on about 10 minutes every two hours.
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Not got that issue, not fussed about it being in the fridge. Currently sat at a steady 18 degree's ready for ramping up now to 22

Dropped my first trub after 24 hours too, great to get it out my beer.
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