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I must have misunderstood my CO2 supplier last time, because I just refilled a 5kg tank, and 10kg of CO2 costs twice as much. I was sure they told me the CO2 is near the same price for 5kg vs 10kg, and you just pay the difference in the tank cost, but obviously not. My 5kg tank refill cost 31.75 pounds. So at today's prices and my average brew coverage of 15, it costs me just over 5p per pint in CO2 (cheating a bit, as I count the whole 40 pints).

If the tank tare weight is accurate, I actually received more in the region of 5.5 kg CO2, so you can throw in a 10% discount.

It's possible I used to have slow leaks due to poor seal, but I better understand that whole area now and I'm sure I have no leak. I think I also probably over do the pressure just to push through cleaning fluid. I'll be trying to push this tank beyond 15 brews. It's my 4th 5kg CO2 tank since I bought my cornies. Starting to feel like a veteran.
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Weekend brew was a tripel (1.074). Got about 18L in FV.

5.6 kg pils = �£4.50 (�£20 for 25kg of chateau)
0.3kg abbey malt = �£0.6
0.1kg carabelge = �£0.2
50g of hops (chinook, tattanger, mittelfruh) = �£2
0.6kg of sucrose/dextrose mix = �£1
crossmyloof belgian yeast = �£1

Grain was bought on sale mind...

Water is boiled night before with a campden tablet.

So I get to �£9 for 18L,

50p a litre
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I brewed 18 L of Greg Hughes London Bitter for �£6.50 + yeast so 19.1 p per bottle (got 34 bottles). Most expensive part was the maris otter malt at �£4.05 for a 3kg bag, that's the last of my small purchases of crushed malt, On to my 25 kg sack of GEB Irish Ale malt which would have cost �£2.05 for this brew.

That's the 2nd use of the Wyeast 1099 Whitbred yeast so it's down to �£3.50 a brew (ignoring the DME costs of <�£1 per batch) and still have some to re-culture, that would bump the cost to �£10 or 29.4p per bottle. Not being a hop head is kind on the wallet, and lets me play with yeast.

Liquid yeast doesn't seem so expensive now, as it seems that S-04 is around £2.50 and MJ yeasts are over £3, I couldn't believe the price of dried lager yeast it was almost a fiver and you'd probably need 2 sachets. My dried yeast back-ups are all gonna be CML yeast now.
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