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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

im on my 2nd wherry and the 1st was a very nice pint, i had no problems with it sticking during fermentation and all went to plan following the instructions with no tinkering, i managed to leave it 4 weeks before drinking and it only lasted another 2 before it was gone hope to leave the 2nd one a bit longer as ive got others to drink now.
imo a very good session beer and well worth brewing :
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Thanks for getting this started jobby - that's the kind of info we're hoping to share in this new area
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

just keged my first Woodfordes Wherry og1.040 fg 1.006 drank the bit in trial jar was nice clean tast and nice and clear
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Brewed a Wherry at the beginning of the year, marking my long overdue return to homebrewing.

Found the whole process to be very easy and fool proof and fortunately I didn't suffer the stuck fermentation that a lot of people do. 2 cans, a sachet of yeast and instructions on the box, no sugar to add, simple.

Had it in the FV for 10 days, sitting in a water bath at 18-20 degrees. It has now been in a pressure barrel for what, 3 weeks , and has been developing into a very nice drink. The first week or so of that it was drinkable but not brilliant, since then it has grown in taste and texture into something I would be happy to buy in a pub. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be like in another month, if it lasts that long... I'm finding it hard to resist 'sampling' it, for quality control purposes of course. I'm struggling to get it to clear, but I'm going to put it down to chill haze and the fact that the barrel is out in the garage and the temp outside is regularly down to at least -7 degrees overnight at the moment.

Would I brew another Wherry? YES. Until I start AG brewing I think Wherry will be one I consider again in the future.

I can see why so many newbies start off with a Wherry. It is simple to brew and tastes great. God only knows how many Wherry kits have been responsible for poor blokes across the country having to part with huge outlays of cash and the inevitable arguements with the wife when the homebrewing bug has bitten hard.
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Ive brewed a few Wherrys now and never had a stuck fermentation. I do find it a bit short on alcohol though and while it is a nice beer to drink it lacks that little kick. The last time I made it I tried to boost the SG by adding my brewing leftovers -300gms of light spraymalt and 200gms dextrose. I was quite surprised at the results. The beer had completely changed. It was much darker, stronger and un-wherry like. It was more like a strong dark bitter ale than the light fruity ale I had previously made. I would not recommend adding anything to tweak this kit. Next time I might brew it short to about 20liters and see if that boosts the A.B.V. I wouldnt mind a few bottles now though
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Just finishing off a keg off this tonight
O.G 1040 F.G1012 worked out at 4%
As others have said it definately benefits from a longer maturing period, mine's been in the keg for 8 weeks and it's just coming to its best as i'm just finishing it! Have done this kit 4 times now and always been a lovely pint
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

1st Wherry kit the gravity got stuck at 1020 , but thee second went down to 1014. I've always had problems with muntons kits . I do prefer the kit yeast to the Safale-04 yeast with this kit, the kit yeast tends to bring out more bitterness and hop flavour. The Safale-04 yeast made it slightly sweeter. One of the best bitter kits out there and very cheap too.
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Hi all,

Litterally just finished bottling my Wherry about 10 minutes ago.
I had a little taster and all i can say is that it tastes fab now so i can't imagine what it will taste like when it's had it's minimum 3 weeks maturing.

I don't have a hydromiter at the moment as it broke whilst making some WOW so not sure of it's strength but i fermrented strongly and consistently for around 6 days until i saw no more bubbles from the lock.

It threw a very solid sediment to the bottom of the FV that aloud me to tilt it to get the maximum liquid out.
From about 24ltrs of starting wort i got 38 500ml bottles and the small tateing glass.

Thanks for all the help to get me here guys.

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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

This attemp was my 3rd Wherry that I had done, only this time I made some noted so here goes:

30th Oct 2011 - 20 litres, Gravity 1046 - 1018 3.7% ABV

I made this version with bottled spring water from the supermarket (£1.05 for 5 litres from Jamie's one) and used my immersion heater for the first time set at 20C. The brew was stirred after about a week as the gravity had only fallen to about 1024 and as such it took the best part of two weeks for the brew to fall to what I felt was a satisfactory bottling level. 1 tsp of granulated sugar was used to prime the bottles.
As usual the bottled brews were left indoors for two weeks before being moved out to the garden shed and then a further two weeks passed before tasting.

Quite simply this is the best beer that I have made so far. It must be something to do with using bottled spring water and not my regular Thames Water, but it actually tastes like a commerically brewed beer. It is light with a citrusy / floral taste and very very drinkable. It has a good head retention and keeps bubbling in the glass right down to the very bottom. I often test my brews on a work colleague and he referred to it as a 'smashing, a seriously tasty pint' which I was very pleased about.

I would definetly recommend this kit to those just starting out brewing, its very easy to make, and although I often have trouble with the gravity not dropping as low as I would like, I always find that the finished product is worthwhile. So much so that I thought it best to have another pint now....

Woodfordes Wherry III
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Default Re: Woodfordes Wherry Review

Like a lot of other newcomers to brewing at home, I started with Woodforde's Wherry. Thirteen days in the FV, placed next to a radiator in the kitchen, the temperature waivered between 16-18c, however it appeared to ferment out ok. Bottled and placed in a warm room for 7 days before transfering to the garage. Three weeks after bottling it's cleared nicely, and I can genuinely say that the result exceeded my expectation by some distance, I'm very pleased with the end product, it really is a good honest ale, and all for less than 60 pence a pint! Mrs Slate Miner was also suitably impressed and said it was as good as many of the bottled ales you can buy. Praise indeed!

If I was being a bit picky I'd say that it was a little 'thin' just lacked a bit of body, however this may well improve whilst it's in the bottle, unfortunately I didn't take the original SG so I don't know the ABV, but I'd guess at around 4% even though it says 4.5% on the packaging. So will I have the patience to let my brew improve with age? I can see myself getting through this batch a fairly quick time.

I'll definitely be brewing this again. Highly Recommended.
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