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Default Brewers caramel

Hi there

I'm an avid kit brewer (unfortuately don't have the time or space to go AG).

I do mostly ales and stout but do the odd lager for friends.

Although my lagers taste great they seem to be very light in colour so I've got some brewers caramel. There's no instructions so I was wondering how much to add and when to give it a nice lager colour?
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Default Re: Brewers caramel


Is your caramel neat (ie. like treacle) or is it already broken-down to RFU strength?

From my recall, we used to make a 10% solution (so 100g of neat caramel made up to a litre).

This gave a working solution with a colour around 3000 EBC. Lager is usually around 6-8 EBC, so if your lager is currently very light then I'd look at adding 1ml of the 10% solution per litre of lager.

That will add about 3 EBC to your existing colour. To get a better guide as to addition rates, add 1ml of the working solution (ie. the 10% stuff) to 1 litre of water and compare that to your lager, before adding anything.

Hope that helps!
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