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Did the John Palmer Port O'Palmer at the weekend. Stayed fairly close to the original recipe but upped the black patent to 250g and swapped out the first two hop additions (Horizon and Willamette) for Centennial because that is what I had to use up, the third addition I stuck with Willamette as per recipe. 19 litres in the FV at 1.052.
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Originally Posted by MerlotMark View Post
Hi folks,

I'm just about to embark on my first ever all-grain brew! Pretty excited about it as I took delivery of a 'Bulldog Brewer V.3' yesterday and also received three recipe packs to get me going. I've got a 'Wreck the Halls' winter ale, St. Austell 1851 IPA (both from BrewUK) and a Hop Shop 'Smash Kit' Best Lager (from home-brew-hop-shop). I also picked up some Protafloc tablets from my local supply shop as I read these are useful to add to help clear and preserve the beer before bottling.

I do have a couple of quick questions to ask the experts out there... first of all the instructions provided by BrewUK are pretty basic but fairly straightforward, except for the last line of the 'Hop Schedule' bit. It reads 'End of Boil: Balance of Hops then Cool'. I've absolutely no idea what that means! I can't find any info about that technique (plenty about 1st Wort Hopping, Bittering Hops, Late-Hop Additions, Dry Hopping, etc. but nothing that seems to correlate with what's written in the instructions). Should I just throw the remaining hops into the boiler for a minute or so before crash cooling? The hops in question are Styrian Celia 50g.

The other question is about the Protafloc tablets. When should I add them and should I use just one (it's a 23L brew).

Thanks in advance for your help!

All the best,

Have a read at the book Brew by James Morton. It explains things quite well. He says flame out or end of boil hops should be added and steeped for up to 30 mins at between 75-79c. Any higher a temp adds unwanted bitterness.
Just finished an Elvis juice clone using this method. Turned out very well.

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Bottles 10 pints of IPA, "Mooie Nel" clone last Sunday, after a dryhop of 7 days (had 5 days planned, but life got in the way). Yesterday a small 1-gallon SMaSH, that I couln't get it to clear.
I know, clear glass. They'll be in a box in the dark anyways.
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Originally Posted by Scott33b View Post
Have a read at the book Brew by James Morton. It explains things quite well. He says flame out or end of boil hops should be added and steeped for up to 30 mins at between 75-79c. Any higher a temp adds unwanted bitterness.
Just finished an Elvis juice clone using this method. Turned out very well.

That is if the bitterness is unwanted?
Below 80c end of boil hops means the recipe will need to have obtained all the IBU's required in earlier hop additions, so that needs to be taken into account with the recipe.
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Mash on for an imperial stout. Doughed in very slowly and carefully given the larger grain bill, mash pH looks good. Applying a periodic gentle 200W of induction power and some stirring to keep my temperature right today, seems to be working well.

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Hi chaps,

Thanks for all the advice. I brewed the 'Wreck the Halls' festival ale yesterday (bit late for Christmas but should be good by mid-Jan I'd hope!) 22L at an OG of 1060 which looks (and smells) very promising. I've just finished brewing the St. Austells 1851 IPA today... awaiting the temperature to drop to 80C before adding the final Styrian Celia hops which I'll leave for 20 mins or so before cooling. Fingers crossed!

All the best,

P.S. Has anyone else done these all-grain kits before (from brewUK)?
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Just preparing for an early brew tomorrow.
Treehouse Julius clone.
Just need my Conan starter to pick up a little
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Not working today, had planned to do my Christmas shopping, but it started snowing, so what can you do?

So I decided to make the gallon batch kit of Plinian Legacy I bought from Beer Hawk at half price on Black Friday. It's now sat in a demi in my brew fridge, hopefully a nice treat for the new year.

1698 Clone

Admiral's Reserve Kit
ESB Clone
Sleigh Wreck - Christmas Ale (pimped kit)
Beaverdale Shiraz
3 x Loganberry Wine / WOW
Old Spotty Chicken
Wadworth 6X Clone
The Bitterest Pils I had to Swallow - Pimped Pilsner kit

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Ok... hold onto your hats. I'm learning the flavour of grains and hops and stuff and for a laugh I decided to make 2 x 1 gallon batches of wheat beer. One using 50% pale malt + 50% wheat malt, the other using 50% plain flour.

It looked like a disaster and I was going to throw the flour and water mix down the toilet as it was a huge clumpy horror. I went away for about 2 hours and it had all thinned out so I went ahead and did it. It's for the fun factor. I passed the mash through my brew bag and it did take a bit longer than normal but not much. There's no way saving 70p a gallon/9p a pint would make it worth it, but if it comes out ok and you need an emergency wheat beer then maybe. Or something that needed a tiny bit of wheat.

I'll update when it's done.
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Old 10-12-2017, 08:39 PM   #970
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Today I brewed my first AG. It was a pre mixed kit from the HBC. It was the tempest milk stout. I had a bit of a nightmare getting the sparge going, I don't think I had the false bottom set correctly as I had to use a coat hanger to lift it off the bottom to get it to flow. Got it going in the end, and when all was said and done I had 20l at 1060. I was suppose to have 23l at 1058. So need to adjust my water for next time, efficiency was a bit off but I'm not worried about that for now. The sample tasted great and cannot wait for this to be ready. Had a great day, 6 hours including clean up and I managed to keg a beer in between.

Happy homebrewing

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