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Default 2nd WOW - Red Grape and Cherry

OK, so after the success of my red grape, apple, watermelon and raspberry supermarket juice wine, Ive put another brew on today -

1L Sainsburys 100% Red Grape Juice
2L Sainsburys Cherry Juice drink (about 35%)
1L boiled water
810g Granulated Sugar (calculated to 1100g total sugars)
1tsp pectic enzyme
1 tbsp Jif lemon
1 cup strong black tea (2 bag Yorkshire!)
1 1/2 tsp Glycerine
1 tsp Bentonite
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 tsp Wineworks general purpose wine yeast

Dissolved the sugar in the boiling water, then added the RGJ. Meantime the 2L cherry drink and everything else, save the yeast, went in the DJ. All this added very 'roughly' to get plenty of air dissolved. The now cooler sugar/RGJ syrup now added to the DJ, and 100ml drawn off to test. OG 1.110.

The sample then went in a cup with a 1/4 tsp of nutrient and the yeast, to make up a starter. This was sat in a bowl of hot water to keep it a good temp. Once nice and frothy the starter was added to the DJ.

I think I should have used a bit less water initially, or saved back a bit of the juice to top up, as its rather high up the DJ neck! Ive got this one stood in a drip tray!

A taste of the must showed it to be not too sweet, and the cherry definitive but not overpowering. Hoping for a nice result from this.
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