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Default Inkbird questions

My super duper girlie brought me an Inkbird for my birthday, and the Kids brought me a tube heater to go with it (how did they know? ) and I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, what do you think is a sensible setting for the heating and cooling differentials? I take it this is how much the temperature has to change beofre either the heating or cooling comes on ~ does 0.5 sound about right? Secondly, I don't understand what the compressor delay is, can someone explain it to me; I can't quite get my head around the instructions.

<JJSH> ~

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if it set to close. they fight each other, hot,cold,hot,cold.
you need a delay to let the temp settle, dont forget when the heater is turned off it doesnt go cold, it continues heating, then to fridge kicks in and continues to cool.
the compressor delay is what it says, the compressor doesnt want to kick in and out every 10 secs so the delay gives it a rest, a chance to settle before starting again
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I keep mine set at the lowest (0.3C) and don't have any problems with frequent cycling. The heater hardly ever comes on as the fermenting wort is exothermic.
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I set mine at .5 however if the house is say an average of 18c and I am brewing lager at 12c I do not plug in the heater. I find this works well. Also if you are cold crashing then I would also unplug the heater. In my case I'm measuring the temp of the wort not the temp in the fridge, if that makes sense. So if I open the door etc then the temp does not move, if you just measure the temp in the fridge it will change a lot if you open the door.
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