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    Stainless Steel Mini Kegs

    I'd check very carefully that they are Stainless, most/all are coated tin. It's also too cheap for stainless. Atb
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    Something different to brew

    Dusldorf Alt, Vienna Style lager
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    PBs 10liter 4inch???

    Having sorted out the tap on my 10 litre barrel I though thIs ask if there are any 10litre size pressure barrels with the larger 4" lid? Thanks All. aamcle
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    Taps for PB's

    I need a new tap for a 1/2 size (10-12 litre) pressure barrel and I would prefer either the King Keg (round screw top) type or a metal tap. This is a barrel with a two inch top opening. What is the size of the tap needed 3 /4" BSP or something else? If you can recommend a supplier for a tap...
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    Healthy drinking

    3 on Friday the same on Sat nothing the rest of the week unless I'm out for a meal or on holiday.
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    Nespresso for beer’

    If you got one cheap enough you could fill it with your fermented wort then "bottle condition" and dispense from it. Just put the rest of the batch into a barrel or bottles.
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    Electric Enclosure for Control Panel

    I use a large Tupperware box.
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    Food Grade Silicone Sealant?

    Plenty on evil bay, I used it extensively on the systems I built. Aamcle
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    Wilko Toucan Imperial Stout Project.

    Its going to be very bitter 2 x the Stout IBU + 1 x the Amber IBU If that's Ok with you make sure you get new yeast that will work with the very high %ABV . Aamcle
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    De-gasing and clearing?

    De-gassed, stabilised and finnings added. Had a little try, it's not impressive but I'll give it a couple of months. Aamcle
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    Adding wheat to a kit beer for extra head

    Just buy a heading agent, Aamcle
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    De-gasing and clearing?

    I'm part way through making a WOW grape juice and app!e it has fermented out, I have siphoned into a demijohn and fitted an airlock. What now? Do I add stabaliser and finings and when it's clear bottle? At what point should I de-gas it? Thanks All.
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    Plastic Pressure Barrel cooling?

    My fridge is full of my FV.