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  • hi all, new to brewing, well at least in this millenium.
    Please post in the forum. And Greetings
    Hi I've just noticed my date of birth is incorrect it should be 16th July 1967 if you get a chance can you change this many thanks happy brewing

    A number of forum members have been enquiring about discounts from home brew suppliers, if you will give your blessing I don't mind trying to negotiate a discount with HBC (and other suppliers), I have contacted Shane at HBC directly in the past and have built up a rapport, and would not mind trying to get something setup with this and other suppliers as long as I have approval from the forum.

    Not sure who to run this one past! My has an online home brew and brewing equipment site. I have asked him if he will give forum members a discount. He said he will give 5% discount to all forum members if you want to mention it on site. If you do let me know and I will get further details for you i.e discount code
    Dear Keith,

    Nice day!

    Please allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Marina, I'm from China. I'm here wanna if any chance to be as a sponsor of Inkbird (a supplier of DIY/plug in temperature controller,humidity&temperature logger,they are widely used in homebrew).

    If there's chance,could you please tell me what I need to do and is there anything I need to prepare or something like that? If there's charges, how it charges? Last but not the least, could you please tell me what I can do and what I will get after being as a sponsor on HBF?

    Thanks so much for your time. Looking forward for your early reply.

    Best regards
    Hi Mr Austin ive been a member for a while now love the site by the way! lol if you ever need another mod please consider me
    Regards Steve
    Hi I posted some info about an upcoming event. It was moved for you to either approve/disapprove. I think not to post it would be a shame. It's a chance for novices to learn more and enter competition.
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