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    Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey Boarder Meet up

    Tempting - Basingstoke is half the time on the train for me. Guildford by train is the best part of 2 hours each way (and driving to a beer tasting session sounds like a recipe for disaster).
  2. AdrianTrace

    2017 ekg citra and Simcoe pellets going.

    Message sent Re: Citra
  3. AdrianTrace

    Free Bottles and airing cupboard...

    ...converted into stacking crates for the bottles :cheers3: Having converted the old airing cupboard into beer crates ( I've shifted more to Cornies, so I have too many bottles. I'm keeping my Scottish &...
  4. AdrianTrace

    cheap job lot hops UK?

    I've found myhermes to be decent for packages. £2.79 for up to 1kg, £3.99 for 2kg. Sent from my thl T7 using Tapatalk
  5. AdrianTrace

    cheap job lot hops UK?

    I'd be interested in Centennial. Sent from my thl T7 using Tapatalk
  6. AdrianTrace

    Moving onto all grain - some help please

    I'm glad your first go went well - no turning back now! Each time you brew you'll find the process streamlines a bit more (and one day it'll all go t**s up, but don't worry we've all been there) until it flows nicely. These days it is hard to make a bad beer - you can choose the method that...
  7. AdrianTrace

    Moving onto all grain - some help please

    Other than cost, I don't think there's an issue. The simple recipes are often the best.
  8. AdrianTrace

    Moving onto all grain - some help please

    Good Luck! That's going to be a very pale ale. But it's also going to be a winner - Amarillo/Notty will be fine... and Cornies are definitely worth it. For some reason I have 8 of them knocking around :cheers3: I use 1/3 of a whirlfloc (pretty much the same) for my 15-20l, as they say 1 tablet...
  9. AdrianTrace

    2014 Cascade £6 Kg 2014 Target £3.87 Kg + del (T90 pellets)

    i'm still in for at least a kg of Cascade :thumb:
  10. AdrianTrace

    Show us your beer.

    Cascade Pale for the Mrs - my glass was half empty by the time I thought of taking a photo
  11. AdrianTrace

    Hops that you DONT like...

    I haven't yet made a brew with Ahtanum that I have truly enjoyed - it's hard to describe, but I find the "floweryness" from the descriptions come over to me as a "paper/musty" flavour that just makes the beer seem oxidised. I've made the Ahtanum beers using the same methods as my other beers...
  12. AdrianTrace

    Died in service.

    Like Mick, the original element on my Lidl boiler died (constant tripping of the house RCD) halfway through the boil (a porter). The workaround was just cooling shoving the lot in the FV with the yeast. As Mick says, not that bitter, but decent enough.
  13. AdrianTrace

    Elderflower any one ???

    Not yet, but I use fresh elderflower for a brew each year - that beautiful smell of spring every time a bottle gets opened. I've had a pack of dried elderflowers in my brewing drawer for a couple of years, but haven't got around to doing an out-of-season version yet. I use around half a pint of...
  14. AdrianTrace

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    My Prima Donna has several 1" shoots, all burnt brown by last week's snow. But being a voracious weed, I trust it to recover completely :thumb: This is the same rhizome that spent 2 years in a 4" pot at the end of the inlaws garden with no care, but has now filled a 2 foot tub. It's nearly as...
  15. AdrianTrace

    2014 Cascade £6 Kg 2014 Target £3.87 Kg + del (T90 pellets)

    If I can be cheeky and get the hops in 4x 500g bags then I'm in. Not a massive fan of Target, so I'll look at it as 1kg of cascade (Yay!) with 1kg of Target chucked in free :hat:
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