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    Kveik Recipe

    I used Voss Kveik once at 35 C. It gots a lot of orange/citrus, and its acid as well. I don't like the bitter/citrus combo, neither bitter/fruit. But I think it's ok, if you like that. BTW it doesn't get clear. Same wort, a side by side with BE-134.
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    When to add aroma hops

    In theory, 2 boil off most part of volatile oils. 3 could evaporated myrcene, but preserve others compounds. 4 should preserve most part of myrcene too, due to its boil temperature. I don't know the best, but there's a thing called Dip Hopping, that's basically heat water for a hop tea and put...
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    Multi Yeast Pitch -Kveik and Midland

    In my case, it's already bottled, but it fermented between 20 and 23 C. Also I splet in 3 fermenters. One just Voss, one mixed and one just BE-134. And in the first try, with Voss @35 C, I didn't like it that much. It's acid and has a strong orange peel taste. Was a side by side with be-134 too...
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    Multi Yeast Pitch -Kveik and Midland

    What Kveik did you pitch? There's so many different types out there. I only have access to dried Voss Kveik from Lallemand. Also, I tried pitch it with BE-135. July 6 I should start taste then.
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    My Brewdays

    Hey bro, I read an advise from the guy who give Voss Kveik to Lallemand, always leave a bit of beer over yeast slurry and taste it before use. If it's ok, pitch. If it's sour or something worse, throw away.
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    Problems with the Landlord

    Wow, that's a problem. I brewd about 17 batches and I only got one infected. Had to throw at sink half of bottles. Why? I reuse a wine bottle to save slurry from prior batch. Even rinsed and sterilised with iodoform. I saw somewhere that acetobacter are really tough, probably is that make you...
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    Yeast pitching for consistent results

    If you want to start a small brewery or play a simulation in your house, that's an interesting subject to learn and focus. Otherwise, just do a starter for the first batch, or don't, and save the slurry for the next one. As long it's taste good, is good to go.
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    Munich malt as the main base malt?

    That depends on the malt type. Some Munich doesn't have enough enzymes to convert himself. Check at malt information sheet. Or plug in some software, or BrewersFriend site, it gives you the diastatic power for your mash. Light Munich should be ok, but darker version needs another base malt...
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    Hop tea versus dry hopping

    Hi everyone! I will make a experiment in my next batch. It will be a splited batch, 18 L each, one I will add all the hops in a hop tea (7 L) and stand at 90C for 30 min. In the other one, same thing, but few days before bottling. 95 g of CTZ each, 3.8 g/L. I didn't find anything like this on...
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    Diabetic home brewer.

    Search for low alcohol, low carb beer. And if you brew something nice, share with us! The combination of Munich malt, roasted stuff, saison yeast and a lot of late hops should do the trick, for a light, but flavoured beer.
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    SMASH pseudo pilsner

    My advice, don't expect it to be a lager like. It's going to be beer, for sure, some will think it's good. To me, Voss tasted acid and orange peel citrus. At high temps, and at low, just a bit less. With some conditioning, 2 months, it mellow down, but still there. BTW both batches are splited...
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    It's a Best Bitter day today - Woolly Sheep

    Hi! Could you please describe the flavour contribution of this addition? I'm thinking in brew a bitter and use EKG for the first time, all at 0 min, so I'd like to know how it will contribute. I brewd with Target, Admiral, Challenger, Northern Brewer and Willamette (it's really similar to...
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    Sea yeast

    I just got across that.
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    Flameout vs post fermentation hop tea addition

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking in split a batch of Pale Ale in 2. Half (18 L) goes to the fermenter, cooled by a chiller plate. The other half (18 L) will be top up with 7 L of filtered water and reheated to 95 C. Then add 95 g of CTZ, let it drop until 80 C before cooling. Both batches will be...
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    Hops at the start of the boil: does the variety really matter?

    It only really matter if it's a short boil. Like 30 min or less. BTW how long do you boil it? Hope I do not start a fight....