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    How would 20% carafa special I be in a beer?

    Did you brewd that? How it turns out? And how much carafa special 2 did you use in your last black IPA?
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    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    I just don't want to understand people who say "it's expensive, so it's better" somehow. Usually what they mean is "I spent a lot of money on this so I need it to be better". But respect is imperative, so I just don't reply.
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    Ooops pitched my Kveik at 45C - will it be ok

    Yeah! Recipe and tasting notes, if you don't mind. It's always nice to see what others homebrewers are doing.
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    which Hops to use?

    + 1. If you didn't used them in a SH before. It's very nice test for your own each hop, alone, to know how they work.
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    Leave at fermentation temp or diacetyl rest temp...

    It's a clean beer? Or something else? Anyway, If you wanna do it, just do it. But I rode somewhere, maybe "how to brew", that's only really needed in certain cases. Check out this link: No...
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    Adding coffee (how much?)

    I've tried once, with cold brew, hot brew and instant coffee at bottling. Cold brew is better. 30g per 150 mL of water. Well, the coffee taste was there, but it imparts a bitter aftertaste that isn't pleasent, so I just quit trying. Dry hopping will be even more subtle, especially in a stout...
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    Over did it with bittering hops

    I added table salt in some bottles once, 0.2 g/L. Wasn't too much, I couldn't taste it salty. It gives a roundness to the hop charge. Never used again, because I kind like it sharp. In fact, while brewing, I'm used to chewing on those small slices of hop pellets. So I can't imagine a beer too...
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    Double Brown Stout, head retention

    @mentaldental a little off topic, but could you please give your beer tasting notes? What is Kveik's impact on a stout? Just because I'm about to brew a stout with Kveik too. Thanks!
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    PPG and Diastatic power

    Same problem here. A Dark Saison should drop to nearly 1.005. But stopped at 1.013. Reading some things around, I find out that could happen because of the grist ratio. Very dark malts has a PPG value ok, but most part of it's non fermentable stuff.
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    American Stout - Idaho's Chocolate

    Recipe Type All Grain BIAB Yeast Nottingham, yeast cake Yeast Starter No Total brew water 30 L (7,9 us gal) No sparge Pre-boil 24 L (6,3 us gal) Post-boil 21 L (5,5 us gal) Batch Size (fermenter) 20 L (5,2 us gal) Original Gravity 1.069 Final Gravity 1.014 ABV 8% Boiling Time (Minutes)...
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    Pitching directly onto the last brew’s yeast trub

    It's a starter like. If the last batch was fine, especially not sour, just dump in. Just remember, if you had made a stout and now you want a pale ale, some residual colour will carry along with the cake. Same to dry hopping. And expect a fast and furious start, blow off and anti foam are...
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    Pumpkin Beer - Extract (DME) and using a Tincture - Looking for Opinions

    Add at bottling with a syringe. Test in a sample before, because the spiciness could be overwhelming. Make separate tinctures. One or two teaspoon with 50 mL of vodka. Add different proportions. That'll impart unique flavours to each bottle. Few mL should be enough. Off course, it's just some...
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    lots of residue when bottling

    Yes, that's what I always talk about. Efficiency and safety. Less to clean and less chance of infection. Keep it simple, at least in the beginning. And then go to more complex things. One step at a time. This way you will know how variables modify the process.
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    lots of residue when bottling

    1) probably. Put a wedge, or a towel, under the front of the fermenter. That should help. Also, more time conditioning before bottling, could be advised. And after too, for the sediments settle down.
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    Foreign Extra Stout - Admiral Black Swaen

    Recipe Type All Grain BIAB Yeast Nottingham, 11g package. Yeast Starter No Total brew water 30 L (7,9 us gal) No sparge Pre-boil 24 L (6,3 us gal) Post-boil 21 L (5,5 us gal) Batch Size (fermenter) 20 L (5,2 us gal) Original Gravity 1.069 Final Gravity 1.014 ABV 8% Boiling Time...