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    Youngs Red India Ale

    I'll try that, thanks. Anyhow, I'm not bothered that the final gravity looks likely to be less than advertised on the box. I've always found Youngs kits to be realistic in their expectations and just wondered if anyone else had found the same as me.
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    Youngs Red India Ale

    Its been a while but I'm about to do this kit again and took Terrym's advice and put the contents of the kits into the Brewer's Friend recipe calculator. It predicts an OG of 1.052 which is exactly what I got the previous 2 times I made this kit so still cannot fathom out where Youngs are...
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    Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale

    I was at 1.009 which is bang on what what the instructions say. Sounds like you are good to go.
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    Smart meter [poll]

    Mine keeps telling me my electricity supply is disconnected which just about sums up its usefulness - if I had no electricity the display would be blank so what's the point of that. The meters don't send readings to the supplier who installed them so looks like an expensive waste of time and...
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    Youngs American IPA

    If your are using PET bottles, you can gently squeeze the air from the headspace in the bottle before sealing cap tightly. I have to give credit to Terrym for this tip. The theory is that this will reduce oxidation of your beer in storage but the more immediate benefit for a new brewer is that...
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    Good to hear.
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    Razorback IPA - darker than normal?

    Sorry, my bad typing. Gravity was 1.010. Appreciate your input and apologies for that error.
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    Razorback IPA - darker than normal?

    Thanks Graz. My SG is still a little high at 1.100 so I'll leave it until after the weekend. Gotta be honest and say I didn't check what was was printed on the foil bags of malt before I started - maybe a lesson there for us all. I'll just have to call it my Mystery Beer!
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    Razorback IPA - darker than normal?

    Hi everyone. I have a Razorback IPA just about finished fermenting. Have made this successfully a few times before. Took a sample to check gravity and on looking at it in the hydrometer tube and now looking at the fermentation bucket, it seems much darker in colour than I remember. More like a...
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    Thinking of doing a cider which kit is best

    I've done the Bulldog premium apple cider a few times. I wouldn't say I'm a cider connoisseur but it simple and quick to make. I enjoyed it and so has anyone else I've served it to.
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    Stalled fermentation?

    I just bottled a batch of this yesterday. My final SG was 1.009 from an OG of 1.052. Previous time according to my notes was 1.008. I'd expect that the bittering hops will be in the kit extract. The additional hops are to finish your brew with hoppiness! Sound to me like you are good to go. Add...
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    Stalled fermentation?

    You've picked a really good kit for your first one - hope it turns out good.
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    If you decide to bag dry hops, make sure you use a BIG bag cos they will swell up like you woundt believe. If bag is too small, you won't get the hoppiness you crave. FWIW, I put them straight in. Personal choice.
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    Primeing problems,

    If you use PET bottles, you can gently squeeze most of the excess air out of the bottle before capping tightly. This reduces the risk of oxidation during storage and you will be able to observe your bottles 're-inflate' over the next day or two as your yeast gets back to work but like others...
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    Rajas reward stuck

    OK - last word on this. Tried a bottle at the weekend, 4 weeks after bottling. SG got down to 1.014 on bottling day. Appearance - still a bit on the cloudy side but that should improve. Nice head and head retention. Smells OK. Taste - I'm hopeless at describing these things but here goes -...