An Ankoù

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Brewing beers since the age of 16. Cut my teeth on Dave Line's books- things have moved on since then, but forever grateful for his inspiration. There is some good beer in France! Not a lot! And most of it comes from up by the border with Belgium. Brittany is a dessert in spite of the plethora of new microbreweries springing up. They're, for the most part, awful. They haven't got a clue. It's all marketing and image rather than quality product. There's a beer festival in Saint-Malo in March- let's see if anything's changed. Skumenn of Acignê isn't bad. I make my beer under the name of An Ankoù since when I was living in England, my garage brewery turned out beer under the name of Reaper Ale's (as in Grim Reaper- the house bitter). Blessed with very soft water here on the slate and granite, it's much easier to add minerals than try to take them out so all styles are up for grabs.
Brittany, France
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