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    Yeast floculation and choice of yeast

    In spite of all the aclaim for Notty, above, I'm still worried about yeast floaters on bottled beer, deposits on the side of the bottle and a thick layer on the bottom. Choice of yeast isn't the whole story, I feel. And kit yeasts are not that awful these days, are they?
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    Yeast floculation and choice of yeast

    It sounds as if you're bottling far to early- not necessarily from the hydrometer's point of view, rather from the "brightness" of your beer. You shouldn't have any bits on the surface or inner walls and anything on the bottom should be just discernible. Moreover, your beer shouldn't taste...
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    Ale Storage Advice

    I think you should bottle.
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    Bottle bombs?

    I reckon it'll be fine. Why are you using beer yeast? CIder or champagne yeast is the one to use (I think they're the same yeast).
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    Re sterilise equipment each day of use?

    Your apples are very early! Some of mine are just beginning to drop! To answer your question, at the end of a day's cidermaking, I give the whole lot a good seeing to with the jet wash, and again before restarting. Ten minutes a side not counting searching for the jetwasher.
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    What did you brew today?

    Having contributed to an earlier post somewhere, where I suggested that we have a bit of a moratorium on New World hops and thoroughly explored what the English hop yards have to offer, I've put my money where my mouth id and decided to use GH's single hop ale recipe to test a few newcomers...
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    Simply brown ale, dry hop recommendations please.

    Hops aren't going to remedy any problems of thinness, you'd need to add more malt or malt extract for that. 5-10g fuggles added just before the end wont do any harm at all, but are not really necessary. Consider that if you'd diluted by adding 50% more water instead of 13% you'd probably end up...
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    Simply brown ale, dry hop recommendations please.

    I don't know if others will agree, but my idea of a brown ale is a very malt-forward beer with hops very much in the background. Certainly not a brown IPA!. If I wanted to add a little bit of hop character, I might go for Brambling Cross or Fuggles. But you don't say whether it's an English or...
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    Why does my beer taste like stagnant pond water?

    I know. But the weird thing is that the OP's Hobgoblin IPA tasted the same.
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    Why does my beer taste like stagnant pond water?

    Yes it is, but I had thought that was a problem for AG brewers, not those using extract, But, look at this for possible DMS in the Hobgoblin. (I don't think it is, I think it's the hops). Prevalence in Commercial Beers Most brewers probably don’t think their beer (especially ales) contains...
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    Why does my beer taste like stagnant pond water?

    I didn't know they did a red IPA, but if you mean Hobgoblin IPA, cold from the fridge, I know exactly what you mean. It's due to the dry hopping with hops which for me give a "grassy" flavour. In the Hobgoblin IPA, it's quite intense. I also get that flavour when I dry hop with lots of Cascade...
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    Eyup’ from Tarn

    Welcome Tarnsup. Used to love a pint of Barnsley Bitter before the brewery closed. A very sad day.
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    Yorkshire Ale Yeast -1469

    This is a top-cropping yeast used originally , I think, for open fermentation. It forms a very thick head very quickly. Make sure you've got [plenty of headspace in your FV. Don't rely on a blowoff tube as it'll probably block it. Once fermentation has started, keep the lid loose until it...
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    Ridiculous ebay homebrew listings

    The best e-bay sale, imo, was for an air guitar, complete with case.
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    Draught beer.

    I know exactly what you mean. I'm a died in the wool real ale man (weaned on Watney's Starlight and Whitbread trophy so you can see why I'm keen), but my favourite beer of all time is pre-sellout Pilsner Urquell. Don't give a monkey's wallop how they condition and carbonate it. Used to like a...