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    Recommend me a low alcohol (1% or less) commercial brew

    Not less than 1% but I think small beer co. beers are great. They usually come in at 2-3% so if you drank enough of them you would still get drunk, but good for mid-week. There lowest ABV at 1%, the Dark Lager, is very good...
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    mm for grain crusher - where to start?

    Thanks for all the info! I tried it this weekend at 1.14 from the first suggestion and got a stuck mash even with 100g of rice hulls - unfortunately lost efficiency (aiming for 6.9% and got 6.3%) - although it was a big grain bill and had to remove some of the water once I put the grains in - I...
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    mm for grain crusher - where to start?

    Thanks for the replies folks! I'll have a test this weekend - I have some crushed grain leftover from GEB I used to use so can have a visual look.
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    mm for grain crusher - where to start?

    Hi all, I've recently bought a grain crusher and have set it up ready for my brew day this weekend. I know I'm going to have to dial in the crusher for my particular setup (35L brewzilla) but I was wondering what I should start with? The gradent goes from 0.64-2.41mm. The exact crusher is a...
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    Hi! Hope you are doing well and staying safe - I'm really interested in sending a couple of...

    Hi! Hope you are doing well and staying safe - I'm really interested in sending a couple of beers your way for the freestyle comp this march. Do you have an address I can send them to? Thanks! Andy P
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    Confused between John Guest Enlargers or reducers

    Excellent thanks! Such a simple thing but really had me scratching my head..... athumb..
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    Confused between John Guest Enlargers or reducers

    Hey all, I have bought a couple of duotight inline regulators (these have pushfit 5/16") but my lines are 3/8". I'm looking at getting a reducer / enlarger to convert the duotight to 3/8" but I'm confused on which one I need? Can anyone tell me which one I need? it's out of: Enlarger | John...
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    First Keezer Build

    Thats a shame, although if you fit the tap in the right spot it will be easy to put a second in if you indeed need it. Also for aesthetics two may look quite good even if it doesn't get used :) In answer to your other post, mines outside, although previously I had a soda stream setup which...
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    First Keezer Build

    Yeh It's definitely a snug fit but they do fit nicely in - I'm also looking for a slimmer 10L-ish keg that might fit in there too but that might be a push. It does still have enough room to have a water bottle for the temp gauge and a spray bottle of sanitiser and a few useful things for easy...
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    First Keezer Build

    :laugh8: Yep it was my way of hiding it there at least for a little while
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    First Keezer Build

    I've been following this thread for a little while, and finally took the plunge myself - Lucky enough to get myself a black freezer so didn't need to do the vinyl in the end (Although I did have some and it made for a great thing to for the door to make contact with the wood and make a better...
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    Did your fan help with first pour foaming issues in the end? I have the same problem and have been trying to work out what it is! I've ascertained its a temp problem as it doesnt happen if the keezer is running. Want to make sure it works though before I invest.
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Starter Kit please! I would love a fermentasaurus to finally start cracking hazy beers - Completely oxygen free transfer to Keg and carbonation!
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    Order from Keg Kingdom

    I really wish i'd read this before ordering 🤦‍♂️. Lesson learnt. Always check the forum first!
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    Keezer build from small 56cm Width Chest Freezer

    Hey y'all I have the chance of picking up one of the small chest freezers (around 55-56cm depth and width) and was wondering if anyone has turned them into keezers, given they are so small? I don't mind putting a large collar around it to fit the keg('s - Hopefully i can fit two!) (Given the...