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    New Vine Co wine kits

    Most of the Vinco kits i have made came with one packet of EC1118, the only exception being the Passport Union Red, which came with 2 packets. @VW911 have you made California connoisseur previously by way of a benchmark by any chance?
  2. Applesnmore

    Belgian Beers to try?

    Has anyone tried Buy beer online | Order craft beer, ale and beer cases ? Ships from The Netherlands They carry quite a range including a hoppy blond from Namur - Houppe which I enjoyed whilst out there watching some cycle races back in 2017 train tours Leige from Namur was good. Sampled...
  3. Applesnmore

    Pen for lableing brown glass bottles

    I use a Uni Paint marker p2, silver ultra fine pen ex Ryman but widely available on the internet. Barcode 4902778918241 Quick drying, just a light pass with a green scouring pad to clean off. Silver, white, gold available, some other colours too. Silver works best imo on brown / green bottles
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    Prune and rhubarb wine.

    Well.. Dug out a 2016 red currant wine to try tonight. Just red currants, sugar, pectolase, nutrient and yeast. Has the colour of a sauterne, but with a pinkish hue ( doesn't photograph well). Still on the acid side. Need to learn how to tone down the acid. The fruit was sweet and ripe, but...
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    Prune and rhubarb wine.

    Unfortunately this one didn't improve. Added to the compost heap. The taste was just unpleasant.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Looking back, I ordered the kit fro MM 14 March, so would have bottled in April so has transformed from ott to pithy in 4-6 weeks in bottles. Dont know what to make of it. Or why. I'll eat lemon out of a g&t but can go for grapefruit pith, though I do like grapefruit.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Running to the end of Youngs New World Sassion, whilst on the right is Mangrove Jack's Pink Grapefruit IPA. Both bottle conditioned. NWS bottled August last year, the MJ PGIPA April this year. Like the NWS as something different, whereas the MJ is disappointing. Initially was ott grapefruit -...
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    Bread Porn

    Fancied a bacon baguette, so
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    The packaging does them no favours. Looks cheap, doesn't look the part at all. Smaller pack same money or more. No doubt will end up with one but not inspired to run out and get one.
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    From another thread https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/threads/new-home-professional-wine-making-kits.87647/ Looks like the wine expert range has been giggled too
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    So currently sipping a 24hr vintage of Wine Expert Tempranillo and can say it is very good. So much so I went online to.find another only to discover all out of stock Then looking at KenRidge to see if it is in that range- no and lots out of stock. Only to discover from Brew2Bottle that Kenridge...
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    Alternative yeast nutrient for elderflower sparkling wine

    For yeast nutrient - are we not in the realms of vitamin B complexes so the multi vitamin should work. Equally a crushed banana, often added for body but should help on the nutrient front too.
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    Brewing kit

    Mangrove Jack's cider kits produce a reasonable brew. I like their hopped cider. I find a lot of the kit ciders too sweet, Added sweetener in with the yeast) as many of the mainstream ciders are. Prefer a dryer brew, guess it's down to taste. If you are referring to actual kit then fermenting...
  14. Applesnmore

    Bread Porn

    I would recommend thebreadkitchen.com which is the written form of Titlis' YouTube channel of the same name. The clips are fairly short, follow a standard pattern, easy and informative. Polar bread is a flat bread with fennel seeds, well closer to a stotty than a pitta. Added rye does give it...
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    de gassing help

    Pouring from a height from one bucket to another was recommended to me by an old chap when I started. Ok for a gallon but 23l is a bit of weight back and forth. And splashy.