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    Letting CO2 into a 5L mini-keg (on the cheap!)

    What’s the dip tube? 3/8 of stainless? I used stainless straw as the length was ok ish. I can’t remember the od. Though I did browse straws in tk maxx
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    Letting CO2 into a 5L mini-keg (on the cheap!)

    Sorry missed this. I will need to check but I remember had a reducer 3/8 to I forgot maybe 3/16 and ran the beer line through it into the 3/8 tee with 3/8 end cap on other end. The stainless straw I forgot the measurement had a siphon pipe off cut in it to hold it in place but to be honest is...
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    Counterflow chiller pump

    Just plump your chiller into the heating system? I expect someone in the world has done it for their mash tun rather than chilling.
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    Klarstein Maischfest and Mashing

    I Tried PWM modules on alternative setup to limit pump speed and for me they didn’t work that well. They made the pump noisey and limited the maximum (100%) flow. When I removed them all was well so I think valves on output will be better option.
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    Probably not useful to you but I got this stainless tool hanger. It’s 34cm long pre drilled holes and I think the bends are at 29.5cm ish so I use it to bridge a stainless steel vessel. Also picked up the hanging spatula so that hangs off the stainless steel vessel...
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    Grainfather 40L sparse water heater

    I came across the grainfather 40 litre sparse water heater. Is it ‘new’ as I don’t know how I missed it! Looks like standard manufacturer (re-branded?) with ball valve , 2300W element for £140. Does anyone have one, and can it do a rolling boil ? I need to check the dimensions but really...
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    Identifying a peice of equipment

    Haha difficult to get that past the other half ?
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    Counterflow chillers - are they worth it?

    Wow 200 litres. Is that what the maths comes out as ?
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    Is this normal

    Yeah if lager wasn’t mentioned I would be thinking it’s stalled. My winter ales brews stalled to high ish consequent day gravity reading with strong diacetyl. I had no temp control though. In summer I get fruity Belgian tastes :)
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    Digital Thermometer

    £3.25 delivered. Crazy prices. Are they decent.
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    Fermenting directly in the Grainfather G30

    Cheers I forgot about the pump section. There is no valve to turn off and on so I guess it would be full during the ferment.
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    Fermenting directly in the Grainfather G30

    It would tie up the brewing kettle but I’m interested if anyone has fermented directly in the Grainfather G30 over northern hemisphere winter ? My understanding is the controller is a PID so if one set the temperature to say 18C would it be able to control the heating at that low level or is the...
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    Beer on tap under the stairs

    Living the dream eh?
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    Yeah I’m interested in the code and charting. I experimented with pulling JSON data off a salus iT500 heating controller but only used scripting off a free create your own website with the obvious data risks pointed out earlier. I also wrote a crude JSON parser (not sure why) to scrape the data...
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    just looking at the chart. Are you doing a lager?