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    Shocker! Tesco Change Their Mineral Water

    Went into my local Tesco Supermarket today, to stock up on mineral water for my brews. Now I have always known their own brand mineral water as Tesco Ashbeck English Natural Mineral Water. I always buy the six x 2 litre packs as they are slightly better value than the larger 5 litre bottles...
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    What did you brew today?

    I brewed 26 litres of Strawberry and Lime Turbo Cider, (a particular favourite of mine and several other family members!), today. OG 1054 and used WLP 775 yeast. Secondly, I made 5 litres of SJW RGJ, AJ and Cherry Juice, a lovely shade of dark red in the DJ. Should turn into a nice rose^ for...
  3. Barley Rubble

    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    26 litres Strawberry and Lime Turbo Cider. 5 litres SJW RGJ, AJ and Cherry Juice. Total 26,154 litres.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    I am just sipping a pint (500ml actually) of FST London Pride. I bought a case of 12 bottles for £14 from my local Sainsburys yesterday as I thought that was a reasonably good deal. Just £1.16666 each!! :beer1:acheers.
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    Pub tomorrow?

    I voted NO. Who needs pubs any way, when you have home brew..... mmmmmm....HOMEBREW.....
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    Success at the end of a tough year

    Its truly nice to hear of something positive happening during these very difficult times! Well done to your daughter, I hope its just the start of many more things to come!
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    Apple juice...

    I have just bottled this today. It will now sit in the warm for two weeks to carbonate, followed by a further two weeks in the garage to condition at a cool temperature. Sorry, but I cannot answer your questions for at least a month...
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    Apple juice...

    I thought it might well be the same! wink... I will be hopefully bottling tomorrow, as the airlock activity stopped several days ago, depending of course on the FG reading.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    A glass of Coopers 86 Day Pilsner brewed with Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 plus 200g of demerara sugar. OG 1040. An ABV of 3.95% so a nice session lager. Very smooth and goes own well!
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    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker

    Excellent! I wasn't sure if they are all made by the same manufacturer? They certainly all look the same!
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    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker
  12. Barley Rubble

    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker

    I have just ordered this from eBay for £15.50 including free postage. Didn't think that was too bad a price.
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    Newbie wine maker

    Chippy; Thanks for the replies to my questions. Does SJW improve with age, like home brewed beer does? Realistically, how long will the SJW keep? Six months?
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    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker

    Thanks for all the replies. It seems that the two handle version is going to be suitable for my needs. :D:D
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    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker

    As it says, can anyone recommend a wine bottle corker? I am looking at a price range of £20 to £25. Are the three lever models that much better than the two lever. I have never used either so don't know. Any advice gratefully received.