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    Beer and cancer

    Hi folks, Last July I was diagnosed with throat cancer, various bits of surgery were needed to locate the primary source, then followed with 6 weeks of daily chemo and radiotherapy. Understatement of the decade is 'it was a difficult time' following treatment! The good news is they completely...
  2. Baz Chaz

    First Brew Plans - Wheat Beer. Help appreciated!

    @Show Me a Stein - Very pleased with my first attempt in August, tastes good (brewed 15 litres, 26 bottles, only four left!) The difference between a glass of Leffe blonde and a glass of my brew is clarity, the 'real' Leffe is much clearer, but apart from that it passed the taste test fine...
  3. Baz Chaz

    Yeast Recommendations for Leffe clone

    My first attempt at Leffe Blonde style, kept things simple and it turned out well, tested alongside a bottle of Leffe Blonde. ABV 7.27% 15 litre batch 3 kg Pilsner 2.5kg Wheat malt .050 Crystal 120 40g Saaz pellet @ 45 mins 40g Hallertau Blanc Mangrove Jack M20 Bavarian yeast
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    Ordered from @Get_Er_Brewed on Sunday evening, delivered Wednesday morning, DPD standard delivery.
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    Robobrew or...?

    I have the 30 litre version, I'd already started brewing smaller batches last year, before deciding which system to buy. I find the brewing process easier with smaller batches, (less grain to throw around, especially when wet, bottling 15 litre is so much quicker and easier) I also like ringing...
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    Robobrew or...?

    I'm another who bought a BrewMonk, just brewed my second brew with it last week, but very impressed with it so far. Was also impressed with price and 3 year warranty, plus I brew in 15 litre batches and found it works well with smaller batches. I prevaricated for far too long about getting a one...
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    All grain starter

    It was actually straightforward, think it was about 4 hours including cleaning up etc, but I was very slow setting up and checking everything several times over. My second brew the other day was far more efficient, even with it being a cold damp day when the cleaning and drying took a bit...
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    All grain starter

    I just used the instructions in the box re setting up etc. There's loads to browse through YouTube.....
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    All grain starter

    Firstly, good luck with your Brew Monk, I just did my second brew this week using it, very straightforward and intuitive. Both brews worked well, first one I was almost overcautious making sure everything was right. The second, well it was very much plain sailing. Grain, I tend to keep a...
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    @Chippy_Tea .... I've had the Pfizer vaccine without any side effects.
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    Medical advice and drinking alcohol

    Funny isn't it, I saw the thread about not drinking for a week before and three weeks after the C19 vaccination. So with this in mind I thought I'd mention it to my consultant Oncologist when she 'phoned. I'm now 8 weeks post radio/chemotherapy which I'd been having daily for 6 weeks. The first...
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    15 Litres of Citra hopped pale ale My first of the year! Total 1680 litres
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    Trump v Biden.

    I think Trump cares so little for the people of the US he wouldn't care if it headed into Civil War (it is unlikely, but there is potential for a lot of civil unrest) it would give him opportunity to invoke 'special measures' to carry on as president! Friends 'across the pond' are quite worried...
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    15 litres 'house bitter' Total = 24,512 litres
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    Fresh start! Shiny kit .....

    I've been brewing on and off since the 1970's .... yes, I've been around a while now:hat: All my gear to date has been a bit Heath Robinson style, nearest I got was a Buffalo boiler with a ball valve tap and a stainless cooling coil! Mrs C finally got me to go for an all in one brewing system...