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    Ordered some yeast last week and it arrived the next day. £3 postage.
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    Imperial stout carbing

    I have started using champagne yeast as some of mine took an age to carb even with the addition of fresh primary strain yeast. I have a 15.5% beer to bottle soon so hopefully i will let you know.
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    I bottled my barley wine tonight. 4 months old.Fermented with Juggernaut and port yeast coming in at a hefty 13%. Even better than i expected. Has a lot of depth, spicy, malty, a little oak character. Nice balance and not sickly. A little booziness, cognac and crystal clear. I think what...
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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Saw that the other day. Just wished it was longer. Great film, very inspiring.
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    Will you drink in Wetherspoons when pubs re-open?

    Have to say the staff in my local are a cracking bunch of people. I do hope they are ok. One of them told me after he started a new job he did not miss being threatened every day, often before midday.
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    @jceg316 I am not using sour yeast. Adding the lacto separately after fermentation has started. You can pitch yeast and lacto at the same time but if you want more flavour from the yeast you can add lacto later. Make a starter as described in the link above. Not really worried about killing the...
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    @jceg316 It is recommended you make a buffered lacto starter but i keep forgetting and it still works. Instructions and some awesome info on sours here. Had much better success using a starter than just adding sourpitch. I did another no boil wheat at the weekend fermented with juggernaut then...
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    First Kettle Sour - Stuck at 3.8pH

    I cannot advise on kettle souring as i do mixed fermentations but i would recommend this as a good resource Sour beer - Modern Brewhouse wiki You can make a lacto starter and pitch it after the yeast.
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    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment)

    I was using wyeast but i have servomyces now. To be honest i am really happy just using sulphate/chloride but i found some and wondered what it would do. Been using your chart for the past few years and its solid. I have never tried salt either.
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    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment)

    Apologies if its been asked before but what is the deal with epsom salts? I am guessing i am already adding magnesium in the form of nutrient.
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    WHC Lab Yeast

    Possibly not, i just bought 3 packs of yeast and it cost me £6.
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    Brewed this beginning of the month with Voss. A super easy beer for a beginner could be ready to keg in a week or less. Hoppy Pale OG 1041 FG 1008 2.8kg bestmalz pislner 1.4kg uk wheat 150g acid malt mashed at 65c for 2 hours 75c mashout. I took out the grain bag and brought the wort up to 75c...
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    How to make a face mask

    Mines not that old. Must be a reproduction, something like this.
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    Really interested to see how you get on with all these new yeasts. Its very exciting to see so much interest. I knocked up a Voss starter this weekend from an old jar and it went nuts without a stirplate. So potent and purchased a few years ago.