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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Well i wont be as i have never worn one to start with.
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    I do not believe this for a moment.
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    Out of date Brett C vial

    It will be fine, Might take a few days to get going that's all.
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    No covid jab

    I am not having it neither is my mrs or the vast majority of people I know. Its already killed both my friends parents within a month. His words not mine and he has had it. Another old friend started to shake uncontrollably, went to bed thinking he was dying and woke up the next day feeling...
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    Making vinegar

    Add some organic apple cider vinegar, cover it loosely to let air get in stopping any insects and leave it for a few months. Male sure it's no more than 10% alcohol. You don't need a Scoby. Live vinegar is all you need. It may turn without but it just gives it a helping hand.
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    Common word pairs.

    Easily Fooled
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    Collaborative Malt Group Buy - September

    Cheers for last time guys, that was really awesome of you.
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    Common word pairs.

    Massive W***er
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    New zealand pilsner recipe

    I brewed one a couple of weeks ago. Not exactly to style as i used 10% rice. OG 1040, hopped with magnum and motueka. Going to lightly dry hop half with motueka and nelson.
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    New zealand pilsner recipe

    Personally i don't think caramalt has any place in a lager. I would prefer biscuit malt and ditch the wheat. Get rid of the 20m addition and put them in at flameout. Use at least 2 packs of yeast.
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    Broadband speeds.

    Virgin 107 Mbps 7.2 Mbps After discount under £30 with (unused) tv and phone.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I shudder at the thought.
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    foxbat's brewdays

    Yes here you go. OG 1040 FG 1004 ABV 4.7% SRM 2.7 IBU 18 German pilsner 80.3% flaked maize 16.7% acid malt 3% mash ph 5.2 mash at 62c for 120 minutes mashout at 75c for 10m I like to use crisp german pilsner or bohemian and aim for around 14 IBU's with first wort hops. Saaz or magnum and...
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    Thermocouple advice needed.

    I installed one directly into my mash tun but never use it. I found the temperature was to variable so I have mine on the output. Mine has not rusted but I have one like in your photo that has. Quality is very dubious. I use the NPT ones.