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    Malt extract - Holland and Barrett 25% off and free delivery

    You can certainly use it in place of dry or a kit can of liquid malt. It's just pure liquid malt extract I believe.
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    Mini cooler/fridge in fermentation chamber ?

    That fridge is absolutely tiny. What type of fermenter size do you have? Is there a particular beer style that you want to make that requires a fermentation fridge? I don't think it would be able to cool a larger polystyrene build either. People do use peltier coolers to build "fermentation...
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    You're spot on! Cool to 80c or so with chiller whilst gently stirring. Add hops and leave to stand, stir every now and again. Continue to chill after alloted time down to pitching temperature. There's no risk of infection if the wort is 80c (over pasteurisation temperature of 70c).
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    Malt extract - Holland and Barrett 25% off and free delivery

    25% off with free delivery. Good price for liquid malt extract for starters. Just ordered nearly 1kg for £4.78.
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    Liquid yeast pitch rates

    Are you sure that it is stuck and hasn't finished? You said you used WLP051 on a 1.075 wort? If you got to 1.020, this work out at 72% apparent attenuation which is right in the middle of the 70-75% advertised range for this yeast. Have you tried a higher attenuating yeast? Or mashed at a lower...
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    Priming 5l Kegs vs bottles

    Absolutely, certainly if it works carry on. I would be interested to try a little more sugar in APA/IPA beers if you think it can handle it. Happy with 12g in bitters but could do with a little more fizz for these styles on the odd occasion that I keg them.
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    Priming 5l Kegs vs bottles

    I may be wrong, but for the 5l minikegs, isn't around 12g the maximum recommend? If you're using a pressure valve, it won't be a problem but I would have thought without a pressure valve the keg would buckle. I once went for 16g table sugar and had to vent the minikeg repeatedly to be able to pour.
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    Bottling wands..

    I bought a stainless bottler as I saw one very cheap, however never used it after someone pointed out it would leave a much larger headspace in the bottle. They seem to be quite a bit wider than the plastic ones.
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    Is Liquid Yeast Better?

    Not necessarily better. There's a much wider range of yeast available in liquid form if you want a particular characteristic. The difference between most English bitters for example, is based in the yeast above any other factor. For other styles it may be less important. There are other...
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    What's your recipe for this out of interest? What FG are you aiming for?
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    Wanted - Carbonation Caps

    Hi, I'm looking for some carbonation caps (plastic or stainless steel) if anyone has some surplus to requirements? Just wanted to check before I order from ebay (£17 for 3) or China which will take ages! Thanks
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    pH Meter Recommendations

    I find the beer PH test strips (4.6-6ph) to be a useful indicator. Of course nowhere near as accurate as the Hanna instrument mentioned above, but it provides useful confirmation for my purposes.
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    How to Set up a Water Bath for your FV

    I can see your point. Personally, it seems risky to me in the long run. No rinse sanitiser may help with preventing growth of bacteria as you say. I wouldn't use any cleaner unless well diluted in case it did leak in. I assumed people would only be using a water bath without a tap. But if it's...
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    How to Set up a Water Bath for your FV

    As you've pointed out there is definitely potential for water to get into the fermenter through the tap seals and the tap will be full of bacteria come bottling. The warm water will encourage bacterial growth. Definitely wouldn't recommend it.
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    Corny keg fridge - from scratch.

    Understandable. I'm sure someone with experience of building similar will be along. Good luck with the project