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  • Bigjas
    Bigjas replied to the thread Condensation in garage.
    I brew in a conservatory which I am turning in to a utility room. I bought a large industrial extraction fan from eBay for about £40 and...
  • Bigjas
    Yes it has always done well, even in the first year it gave a good yield. I have always let it grow freely. I’ve never cut back any of...
  • Bigjas
    Another good year for my Fuggle. It’s in year 4 and gave me 3.3kgs of hops. Picked them yesterday afternoon and started to dry them in...
  • Bigjas
    I got a 45 watt tube heater from Amazon. Had it for over 4 years now. Works perfectly. Wires go through the drain hole to an Inkbird...
  • Bigjas
    Bigjas replied to the thread Other hobbies.
    I love hobbies and I’m lucky my wife supports me with them. I enjoy motorcycles and racing, F1, I have a 1957 Chevy truck, I fly Radio...
  • Bigjas
    Bigjas replied to the thread Home bar help.
    Hi I just top up when needed. I can pull quite a few pints before I need to top up.
  • Bigjas
    Bigjas replied to the thread Biker Thread.
    I have been riding bikes since I was a teenager. My first bike was a Honda C50, followed by a CB125 on which I passed my test. Then I...
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