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    Condensation in garage

    I brew in a conservatory which I am turning in to a utility room. I bought a large industrial extraction fan from eBay for about £40 and attached it to some plywood that then sits in an open window above the boiler. This works really well and keeps the room condensation free. I then take the fan...
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Yes it has always done well, even in the first year it gave a good yield. I have always let it grow freely. I’ve never cut back any of the bines. Like I’ve said, I am no gardener and don’t really know what I am doing, so it’s just luck that they do so well.
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Another good year for my Fuggle. It’s in year 4 and gave me 3.3kgs of hops. Picked them yesterday afternoon and started to dry them in my garage. I lay them out on trays that I made out of wood and a fine mesh. This plant has always produced a good yield. I’m no gardener, it’s purely luck or...
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    Recommended tube heaters for fermenting fridge

    I got a 45 watt tube heater from Amazon. Had it for over 4 years now. Works perfectly. Wires go through the drain hole to an Inkbird 308. I have the tube heater on the floor, no fans and the thermometer just dangles in the air. The Inkbird maintains a steady temperature without constant cycling...
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    Other hobbies

    I love hobbies and I’m lucky my wife supports me with them. I enjoy motorcycles and racing, F1, I have a 1957 Chevy truck, I fly Radio Controlled Helicopters and planes, I play guitar, bass and drums and gig with a function band, I build guitars and basses. I like to keep myself busy and...
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    Home bar help

    Hi I just top up when needed. I can pull quite a few pints before I need to top up.
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    Biker Thread

    I have been riding bikes since I was a teenager. My first bike was a Honda C50, followed by a CB125 on which I passed my test. Then I got an RD350 YPVS which was great fun and taught me a lot about riding bikes. I took it to the Bol d Or at Paul Ricard in 1993 which was amazing. After that I...
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    I want to grow hops

    I have a Fuggle and a Progress hop plant that are in year 4. They love sunshine and growing vertically. The first year I got about half a kilo of dry hop cones. Last year I got about 2.5 kilos of dry hop cones. I vacuum pack them and keep them in the freezer. I end up giving them away as I can’t...
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    Uncrushed Grain

    Where do you live? Plenty of people on here who have a mill and would help out. I’m in Fareham, Hampshire. If your nearby you could drop it off and I’ll mill it for you - social distancing adhered to of course.
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    Taking samples...

    I use a 100ml syringe. A couple of quid from eBay years ago and it works perfectly.
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    New to brewing and going to full mash method first

    When I was setting up my equipment, I had the same dilemma. I think you should go with whatever suits you best. I am fortunate enough to have a laundry room where I have fitted a large industrial extractor and a dedicated electric supply. I prefer electric as I can control it (made a controller...
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    Lid of FV buckling under fermentation

    I don’t use airlocks, I place my lid on and snap it down for 3/4 of the way round leaving a small gap for CO2 to escape. Has worked for years with no problem.
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    School opening. [poll]

    I’m a teacher. I work in a Further Education College. I can’t wait to get back to work and start teaching again, it’s what I love doing. But there needs to be some drastic changes to the way students attend in the future. It’s not just spacing out classroom tables etc. If we can send students...
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    Wedding ring mishap with FV

    I’ve dropped the rusty/grubby shed keys in my fermenter on brew day just before pitching the yeast. Shoved my unsanitised arm straight in to retrieve them. Made no difference to my finished beer. Maybe I was just lucky but I do read a lot of people do similar things and get away with it.