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    Grainfather G-40 info

    Er, its max pre boil volume is 46 litres.
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    Came downstairs this morning to a burst bottle

    I have had a few bottles go off over the years, you would think that it is the crown cap that is the weak point but if the caps are on right they are stronger than the glass. This means the bottle actually explodes or if there is any weak point in the glass it goes at that point.
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    Hard seltzer sense check

    Hello, Yep you are quite right, there should have been 2kg of sugar not the 5 supplied. The recipes have now been adjusted, sorry for the error.
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    Bromas Braueule Machine

    That is actually a really nice system, love the way it is steam heated. Get yourself a good brewing book, that way you can always refer back to it, it will always be useful. You temperature control over your fermentation for the lager, ales are a bit more flexible. Brewing Classic Styles talks...
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    Kegs at The Malt Miller

    Sorry, that was a slight blip, now sorted
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    Storing Protofloc tablets in the fridge

    I would say pretty much forever. They are bone dry. However, these are the official guidelines:- Storage and shelf life • Store in cool conditions away from direct sunlight • Keep in original container • Maximum storage temperature is 30°C • Keep containers sealed when not in...
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    Kegs at The Malt Miller

    Hi, We have made a few adjustments to our keg range, especially our recon kegs. Offering twin and four packs in grade 1 and grade 2. If you are looking for serviceable kegs on a budget then our grade 2 welded are fantastic value at just £42.00 each...
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    Storing Protofloc tablets in the fridge

    Hi, Don't store them in the fridge, they will get damp. This will cause them to fall apart, which in itself is not so much of an issue but it may well effect how they react with your wort, as in, not so effective. Ambient temperature will be fine.
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    Show us your #MaltMillerBrew – Win £250 Prize

    Hello, Checkout the blog post here Have a great weekend;)
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    Regulator help

    Indeed you are correct! I will make a new product that we "adapt" so customers don't have to;)
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    Regulator help

    The brass part that you you screw the JG fitting into has a flat face, the JG fitting is tapered. JG don't do a fitting purpose made for this. It's not in the product description as it is not sold for this purpose. If you use it without taking the taper off it may well seal for a while as the...
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    Regulator help

    Just to add, the easiest way to remove the second brass fitting is to screw in a disconnect then undo both together.
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    Regulator help

    Hello, Take the second brass adapter off. Then use this fitting Beer Storage and Dispense - Keg / Kegerator Taps and Fittings - John Guest 3/8 to 1/4 Fitting - The Malt Miller | The Malt Miller But, this is the important bit, cut the taper off with something like a junior hacksaw, smith on an...
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    Competition - Elusive Brewing & The Malt Miller

    Hi, Elusive Brewing are turning 5 and celebrating by releasing 5 colab brews. One of which we are involved in, it was brewed on the 27th April and will be available in the middle of May. But, the exciting bit is the competition that is running alongside. If you have any intension of going pro...
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    The sugar is there for good reason as it adds fermentables without adding body, in fact it thins it out a little. This is very common in all sorts of European brewing as it allows big alcohol percentage whilst keeping the beer drinkable. Make an 7+% all malt beer and it will be sipper! make it...