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    How do you find your recipes?

    usefull starting points. And ending points sometimes. ive lost count of the times I’ve tried to personalise and adapt and dial in a recipe and after about round 4 I’ve gone back to the original recipe as it was the best! I have a mixed bag trying to structure from scratch. i cook a lot too, so...
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    Big beer is selling off their UK Craft Beer breweries?

    Exactly. I used to rave about it. No I wouldn’t drink it if it was free.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Interrupting my dry January tonight. cwych attempt First glass tasted like a Guineas shandy. Second glass was like a fizzy bitter smithwick’s Third glass like a coffee lager. it’s a weird one. Obviously not even close to what I or most people would be aiming for! … But for some strange...
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    Big beer is selling off their UK Craft Beer breweries?

    definitely their end (in my opinion) , it tastes of fake flavourings like cheap confectionary now whereas it used to taste lovely. Mrs thinks the same.
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    Big beer is selling off their UK Craft Beer breweries?

    The scaling up also often doesn’t work. Brewdog especially have gone very down hill since and I avoid it now, although I use their recipes quite a bit. Elvis juice tastes so crap now so as I miss the original so I’m going to have to brew it myself soon.
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    Big beer is selling off their UK Craft Beer breweries?

    Back on topic I think it’s just a market correction. Whilst I love craft beer most people I know don’t and are happy with lager. I think there will always be a loyal demographic that apreciate craft beer and whilst it’s not insignificant in size it’s never going to be massive. big fan of...
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    The TV Licence.

    As a nation The bbc is probably our greatest global brand, it’s certainly the worlds most respected media platform . It’s not as good as it used to be but still deserves public spending.
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    Stainless steel mesh hop filters

    I have two of these and use them both for big dry hops. Anything less that 60 or 70g I chuck in loose But for Anywhere near 100 and above use these. just sanitise them, half fill them with hop pellets, twist lid tight and lower them in to Fv avoid splashing. Work great and easy to clean. I only...
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    600,000 demand removal of Sir Tony Blair's knighthood

    If we are going to strip people of honours let’s start with the hundreds that have done nothing apart made large donations to the political parties (mainly Tory party) to get them. Iraq aside new labour did a decent job. Oh for Blair and brown now instead of this current bunch of second raters.
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    Dry January 2022 ?

    Yup, but stating on Sunday. I’ve got a nice amber ale that should be ripe for February.
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    Recommend a reliable yeast please?

    ive heard that nottingham can suppress hops a bit?
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    Recommend a reliable yeast please?

    us05 or similar if it’s west coast, verdant if it’s hazy and fruity. if it’s malt forward you may wish to use another English yeast. Many recipes suggest this. If you just want to use one, The US05 or equivalent is your safest bet I’d say.
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    MJ Liberty Bell yeast

    Has anyone tried LB in an american malty centinial pale. I’m tempted to order some US05 before brew instead, although the recipe calls for English yeast.
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    help with a hop schedule...

    I’d let it settle a bit. Also at 5.7 abc a few more days in FV will help the yeast finish properly before kegging