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    Gas loss of my barrel

    If your barrel has a Hambleton Bard valve in the cap (which it probably does) that could be the source of your leak. Spray it with soapy water solution and check for bubbles.
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    Anna's Brewdays

    So when you say the pump struggled was it… During the mash/sparge - caused by the grain bed not draining fast enough to keep up with the pump? During the boil - caused by debris blocking pipes or pump rotor?
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    Nightmare on Brew Day

    I use Wickes descaler for kettle elements etc. P.S. the saying is "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make a woman think" :laugh8: No! NOT FUNNY! I know! Just couldn't help myself.....sorry lady brewers out...
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    New member introduction…..

    This is the version I have...
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    SOS to ozzy brewers

    Just a quick recap for our Aussie brew brothers and sisters after my recent trip to catch up with my family after more than two long years of covid. First things first…it was great to see my grandkids “in the flesh” and catch up with my family. My daughter is the best! She got three packs of...
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    SOS to ozzy brewers

    Hi @An Ankoù . Yes, been home and done a brew and well over jet lag now. Didn’t realise you wanted a “full report” on my thoughts on ozzy beer over and above my blog above ashock1. I’ll do a cut and paste later if that’s okathumb..
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    Hazelwood’s Brewday Part 2

    I’ve fitted a King Keg top tap type float to the tap in my fermentation bucket. Stops “bits” getting sucked over when transferring.
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    The Chaos that is a Buffers Brewery brew day

    2 weeks from brew day and fermentation is done. I'll leave you to work out the ABV wink... Fridge turned down to 4C ready to transfer on Thursday.
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    Simple, cheap safety valve for a KK lid

    I don’t do simple so cheap neither but….. I changed to corny posts and got rid of the dreaded HB valve. I fit a 15 p.s.i. relief valve (from flebay) using a gas quick connect during carbonation but remove after serving a few pints and use CO2 regulator to re-pressurise. Just been on fleabay and...
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    What do you stand your Kettle /Brewzilla / Grainfather /Brewtools etc on?

    You've seen these before but as you asked the question... As an outdoor brewer I have to move my kit in and out of storage so fashioned individual trollies out of timber for the mash tun, HERMS tank, kettle and storage tank. Set the heights to suit me. Took a day including the painting. Only...
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    New member introduction…..

    Welcome! If you need any help overthinking and/or overcomplicating, I’m here to help. As far as NEIPA goes I can recommend the recipe in Greg Hughes “Home Brew Beer”.
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    Bohemian Pilsner yeast

    Won’t be bottling. Bought a corny keg a while ago and will be using that.
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    Bohemian Pilsner yeast

    Not made a lager/pilsner yet. My son keeps going on at me to make a bohemian pilsner. I prefer using dried yeast. Any recommendations?
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    Is this a daft idea?

    Latex balloons have a smell so potentially will taint beer. Also, latex is permeable to air/oxygen (that’s why they deflate slowly over time) so will introduce, albeit slowly, oxygen into the brew. Mylar is impermeable to air and helium (even smaller molecule) so won’t leak into the brew. The...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Time for a change. Moving on to my Double Dry Hopped IPA. Just a bit a good way