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    Sanitizer and cleaning keg beer lines

    Hi, I’ve got a couple of questions. Firstly, I’ve got the granulated type of no rinse sanitiser which you dissolve in warm water. Thing is whenever I finish sanitising there are granules left behind that haven’t dissolved which I end up having to rinse away (defeating the object of...
  2. Byron

    Help! I thought it was past hope but...

    This hobby never ceases to amaze me! I brewed a batch just before Christmas which ended up tasting a bit stale. I reckon I let the air get to it too much in a secondary ferment. Anyway it’s been sat in a keg for 2 and a half months and today (as now I’ve drunk all of my Xmas haul) I thought...
  3. Byron

    Sanitising with Milton

    Btw after leaving the FV sprayed for about 5 mins I wipe it dry with kitchen roll. If Milton is risky for beer what else is there I can mix with tap water? I heard star san cannot work with certain tap water because of its ph.
  4. Byron

    Sanitising with Milton

    Thanks all. What I was getting at is my mixing up a stronger concentration in a spray and using it on the inside surfaces of my FV going to be good enough?
  5. Byron

    Sanitising with Milton

    Hi, I’ve started sanitising with Milton. It says no rinse when using for baby stuff but is this the same when brewing? Also made it up in a spray using the dilution suggested for cleaning surfaces so I spray around the inside of my FV rather than soak with a weaker solution. Any...
  6. Byron

    What could have happened?

    No they were fine and carbonated. My theory is the sediment in the bottle got churned up in transportation and they may have carried on moving them about a bit and the sludge has mixed in the beer. The beer was cloudier than normal too.
  7. Byron

    What could have happened?

    Super bitter, plastic like, astringent, phenolic And after tasting one of the others, they were right! But the one at home was fine
  8. Byron

    What could have happened?

    They chilled the beer for serving and I don't. It was stored in bottles. It was brewed in Feb and I'd not had one for a while so wondered if it had just gone off or had a slow acting infection, but the fact that this last one is fine has thrown me. I wasn't expecting to win or come close but...
  9. Byron

    What could have happened?

    So, last night I entered my first competition and needless to say the judges weren't keen on my beer and some of the notes were a little harsh. My mates were keen to take the p*** and I asked for one of the spare bottles so they could try it. Upon tasting it it definitely didn't taste like...
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    I play the ukulele. On brewdays I combine hobbies and serenade the mash and boil. Last time I didn't do this I ended up ditching the brew so now it's a ritual!
  11. Byron

    Fermentation Temperature Question

    Been thinking about this a bit recently now I have a digital thermometer on my FV. I normally make a yeast starter with c.100ml of wort at 30c. I then add this to the rest of the wort when it is about the same temperature. Now yesterday's brew has taken the best part of a day to get down...
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    Keg Carbing Question

    It's straight out of the keg from a serving tap (chrome with handle type). No beer line. I think this may be the problem!
  13. Byron

    Keg Carbing Question

    Kegged for the first time and I'm getting quite a large head. I had it at 25psi for a couple of days then have dropped to sub 10 to serve. The brew is not too fizzy so reckon it's the serving pressure being too high rather than over carbing in the first place. Am I right? Also I take it...
  14. Byron

    Dent in keg

    Thanks for the help. I can confirm that it's fine!