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    Krausen hasn't dropped

    i had a brew where the krausen never fully dropped. Really weird i left it for about a month and it just wouldn't drop. Then was given a suggestion of giving it a tap on the side and it all sank. Turned out the krausen just had a lot of air bubble locked in it. That being said. You've only...
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    Sparge Water Temperature

    Hmm i think i might change my temps a little bit for the sparge. But i have to say, in all the beer i've brewed, i've never had a tannin taste a the end. But i do sparge slowly, i mean a good hour and a half to 2 hours to sparge. (not through choice, the filter and tap i have on the mash tun...
  3. Callumbo

    Sparge Water Temperature

    I tend to sparge at 80 to 85. I figure that by the time is run down the pipe and has slowly dripped on the grain it will have lost some temp on the way so probably ends up between 75 and 80
  4. Callumbo

    Homebrew Twang??

    One thing to add to the long list so far is your brewing bucket. I had the same problem as you until someone suggested that the brewing bucket takes a little while to get "worn in". Took me about 4-6 brews until the twang was gone. Bit annoying considering it's advised to get new buckets every...
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    2 simple questions about hops and yeast

    I tend to leave the hops in for a good 15-30mins after flame out before i start cooling I also leave all my hops in until i move it to the FV. with the earlier hops, most of the effect they will have on the beer has been taken out with the boil I tend to use half a sachet when halving my...
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    New member seeking advice

    When I first started out I had the same problem. For me I found the best way to get good head on a beer was patience. 2weeks in FV, 2 weeks carbonating at same temp as FV and 2 conditioning somewhere in the house that is a good bit colder. The longer I left it the better it was
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    Labelling bottles

    They look spot on. I need to work on my designs. They have all the info and the effort displayed but I wouldn't see it in a shop so want to work on them
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    Wilko 12L Stock Pot...isnt 12L

    What are the chances Haha. Wish I'd bought myself one of the SS ones now. I only bought the aluminium because I thought it was bigger:doh:
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    All grain kits

    I use and they sold me some great stuff. I never tried the all grain kits though. I just went straight to a 25kg bag. In hind site I wish I'd thought for a second at how big it was going to be haha
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    Labelling bottles

    I second chuffer. I print in any bit of paper then slap on some milk. Unfortunately the ink does run a bit though as I have an inkjet printer. But if your careful then your fine. For my last set of labels I ran out of milk and only had print stick. I've read it's not too difficult to get off...
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    Wilko 12L Stock Pot...isnt 12L

    Something that you might like is as I mentioned acid burning in the pot to mark the litres. You can etch into the kettle. Well worth doing so you can keep an eye on things. Just need a battery, wire, cotton bud, vinegar and salt
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    El Cheapo the Boiler blew today!

    Oops. At least I know for next time. Thanks, you may have saved me some fingers 😁
  13. Callumbo

    El Cheapo the Boiler blew today!

    Hey Dutto What about this Pretty cheap and you just use a computer cable plug I believe. You'd need at least 2 though as they are only 1.5kw
  14. Callumbo

    El Cheapo the Boiler blew today!

    Maybe have been me. Bought a couple a little while ago and fitted them just like Dutto's boiler. I've got 2 in mine though. I'm not quite patient enough to wait for 1to start a boil
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    Ginger beer. Any body had a go?

    Minnesota to worry. I'm going to use some stevia, sugar sweetener, to do the job. And some regular sugar to prime. Exciting times.swems like it's going to be ages till I can bottle at the FV is still going regularly