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    A little walk along Bermondsey Mile

    Are we talking second mortgage prices for a day's session though? :laugh8:
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    Measuring stick

    What melts my brain is that hot water has a greater volume than cold water, so if you do your measurements with cold water then in practice you're not quite putting the same amount of hot in as you want. I used to agonise over this , these days I'm a lot more slapdash!
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    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome Craig, I'm in Alloa myself, I went from kits to BIAB to 3V to an all in one for convenience but didn't ever get rid of any equipment along the way ... :)
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    Hard seltzer sense check

    I agree, the recipe states an ABV of ~ 6%. I think that the US recipe from the Omega yeast site (which has the sugar in pounds) has been incorrectly translated into metric.
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    Hard seltzer sense check

    Actually, as they are on the forum, @borischarlton - can you advise? Is this a mistake in the instructions or my understanding?
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    Hard seltzer sense check

    Thanks, that's about what I thought too. Given this should ferment out to <1.000 I'd be left with something significantly stronger than the stated 6%. Think I'll email them
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    Hard seltzer sense check

    Hi, My Mrs fancied a hard seltzer on tap so I ordered a kit from the malt miller , instructions here - Looking at the volumes it doesn't seem right to me. You get 5kg of sugar yet the expected OG is 1.040, wouldn't it be higher than...
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    Closed Transfer From Bucket to Corny Keg

    Fair points, I am lucky enough to have a tall larder fridge in the garage which takes the all rounder easily, it would probably fit the 60L one too which I am eying up :) The 30L also fits in my undercounter fridge if I angle it so the disconnects aren't pointing directly up, not very...
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    Closed Transfer From Bucket to Corny Keg

    I messed around with buckets and bulkheads but eventually just got myself a fermzilla all rounder. Best move ever
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    Another Kegerator build

    For my drip tray on my old kegerator I added 5 or 6 penny washers behind the left and right screws to account for the door curve. Worked a treat and let me nip up all three screws nice and tight.
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    Brewzilla 65l

    I am a Brewzilla 35l user and really wanted a 65l one - unfortunately it looks like the heating element rating is too high for single domestic 13a socket, so its not being sold in the UK market at the moment. If I do get a bigger system then I'm eyeing up the Brewmonk Titan from Geterbrewed -...
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    Cummings testimony

    Remember that the government did not roll out the vaccine, the NHS did.
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    JaDeD Immersion Chillers in the UK

    I have a Chillinator - to be honest I'm not that impressed with it. I have pretty cold groundwater and it still takes a good 30 mins to chill to pitching temperatures, that's with the pump whirlpooling. I built my own CFC from plumbing supplies and use this now - it can take boiling in one end...
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    High volume kit and power supplies (UK)

    Out of interest have you sourced the brewzilla? I've tried to get one for ages but it would seem that UK stockists are no longer carrying it because of the power requirements. All of the larger systems seem to be 3kw now, which suits domestic supplies.