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    Comparing hop prices

    Ok I've sampled 5 hops in 100g packs mainly pellets and 2019 vintage, except Saaz from WHS 2018. I've included the shipping. The hops are Amarillo Mosaic Citra EKG Saaz Suppliers and totals WHS £28.70 CML £28.19 GEB £29.70 THBC £34.80
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    Simpsons Imperial Malt

    I found the 25kg bag price at £36 but non in stock.
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    Simpsons Imperial Malt

    AA That's a good price I thought it would be £50. Is it also a substitute for Munich malt?
  4. Cheshire Cat

    Simpsons Imperial Malt

    Where from?
  5. Cheshire Cat

    Simpsons Imperial Malt

    Just checked the price and it's £2 per kilo at MM and Edinburgh Brewstore not available from GEB, THBC or WHS. Anyone know any other cheaper sources?
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    APA with Kveik

    I made an AAA with Kveik and it's really good. I've got a Nordic Ale on the go with it now.
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    And we worry about infection

    I've never sanitised scissors it's as daft as using no rinse sanitiser because your tap water is contaminated.
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    Greg Hughes Belgian golden strong ale

    It's strange that the region that first used hops don't seem to have their own variety. Personally I would use East Kent Golding.
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    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    Is Cali common yeast an ale or a lager yeast.
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    Comparing hop prices

    I think you should assume you are buying 1 pack of hops when you apply the delivery cost. Also only compare by year of harvest.
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    And we worry about infection

    Make sure you get rid of chemical residues by washing and then sanitise with a no rinse chemical product, and make sure you sanitise the scissors you use to open the yeast.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    SUFC, living in Leyland you both should support PNE or Chorley.
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    NEIPA revelation

    4 cans of their NEIPA cost £6 at Morrisons. 🐙🚑
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    Latest hobby - CNC router

    I got one and couldn't connect my PC and other devices to the Internet at all. 💻😂
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    Freezing hops

    I put mine in a ziplock bag squeeze the air out and stick in the freezer.