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    iSpindel - digital WiFi hydrometer

    @UKSkydiver Not thick or naive, you correctly say iSpindels are affected by all sorts of things and therefore your data is affected. Having said that and as you say it gives and idea of what is going on inside your fermenter. So if you run your fermentation at one temperature through the whole...
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    iSpindel - digital WiFi hydrometer

    Over on the iSpindel GitHub pages there WAS a discusion about adding Automatic Temperature Compensation to the firmware. However, as there wasn't any real traction for this wonderful feature and so it's been dropped, which makes me sad. Sadder as I didn't spot it early enough to add my voice or...
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    Banana wine

    And beer in Welsh...
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    Banana wine

    @LisaMC What receipe did you use for the banana wine? I'm very curious and intrigued.
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    Starting to brew Red Wine again a few questions?

    In the last 6 months I've tried the (30 bottle) VineCo and On The House versions of Shiraz, both were good but I found the VineCo slightly better for our taste. I also added a 6 bottle Beaverdale Cabernet Sauvignon to another batch of each and found it improved to finished result, again to our...
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    @dearleuk Glad you found everything, sorry at work and didn't get a chance to look. I use Fermentrack for my control, but I found this image very useful when calibrating iSpindel. I didn't bother with the most up to date version as this image had everything I needed. Chris
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    Sorry, my bad used the wrong link, I've posted the right one now (I hope). Fermentrack - BrewPi-Compatible Fermentation Tracking Software offers logging and temperature control. However, the temperature used for the control does not come from iSpindel, but from temperature probes connected to...
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    When you download the zip file, there's an image to be flashed onto the SD card and a readme file in english which has all the info needed to get you going.
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    Not sure I put the correct link in, this one is the correct one for the standalone image: HOWTO: iSpindel RasPySpindel Server Image (Vorinstalliert) - hobbybrauer.de. This is not the latest version, but does work out of the box and requires little to no configuration, sorry i didn't read the...
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    Very simple to setup, download the image, flash onto an SD card and boot, little to no configuration required! Instruction on how to setup your iSpindel included. I've kept an SD card just for that purpose now. Not that I use it that often, it's just easy to put card into a Pi, boot and start...
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    How to use iSpindel without external service

    This is a plug and play version of the iSpindel-TCP-Server iSpindel - Lokaler Server - iSpindle.py - hobbybrauer.de. I found it very usefull when calibrating. Just set the iSpindel to report on a 30 second cycle and then plow through the data over a coffee. Chris
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    How long have you been brewing for?

    Started with Boots kits in the 80s, beer and wine. Made some wine from fruits and flowers from the Boots brewing book (which I just found on the book shelf), which were with hindsight disgusting. Found a local wine circle and received advice that pointed me in the right direction for making...
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    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Can you add BS30 8DB please.
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    Next red wine kit recommendation?

    I did a VineCo 30 bottle Shiraz a few months ago, but I added too much water ( don't ask!), so to recover it I added a Califonia Connoisseur 6 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon. I have to say it was bloody marvelous! A bit too oaky for my taste when newly bottled, but is settling down with time. In...
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    Do I need an Inkbird ITC 308?

    If you just want to control the temperature then InkBird or ST-1000 are easy to implement and don't require much configuration. If you want to monitor and/or log your fermentation then there are a couple of alternatives but require more involvement. I've built 2 controllers, an STC-1000 and...