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    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Halkirk, KW12 - Thanks!
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    Hey @chris-s - that's all really useful info, thanks. Corresponds roughly to what I've read elsewhere (another thread on this forum I think) - that although a lot of the Vineco wines are great they don't always match flavour-wise with the style of wine you are making. I'm not too fussed about...
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    Thanks @LED_ZEP - that seems to be what I've read as well, I'll probably give it a go and report back (although planning to age mine for at least 3 months as the Kenridge definitely tasted miles better after a couple of months in the bottle.
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    New Vine Co wine kits

    Resurrecting an old thread here sorry, but for those that have tried the new 8L Vine Co Original series, what's the feedback on them? I've done a Kenridge Classic Shiraz which was amazing, and just wondering whether the reduce 8L kits are as good as the original Kenridge Classic? Planning a...
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    New Brewzilla Owner - I'm lost!

    Going to give my own channel a wee plug here :-) I've done a few using my Robobrew (the name of the Brewzilla originally). Have a few sitting waiting editing but take a look at the one from December last year - it's pretty much a start to finish. Would welcome any suggestions for what's...
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    Espresso machine

    I’ve got the Sage barista machine. Cost about 500 quid a few years back but honestly would not be without it. I managed to ‘finance’ it by having a huge clear out in the house - old mobiles, tablets, stuff I didn’t use - all on eBay. Made 550 quid - bonus!! It is highly reliable, the grinder is...
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    Shipping costs

    Glad I read this thread. In a very similar position to @kelper - had an order from brew2bottle, went to checkout then saw the high(er) shipping costs. Stopped in my tracks, shopped around but then eventually came back and completed the purchase, albeit grudgingly due to the £15 postage. As it...
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    Best place for Corny kegs at the moment?

    I got most of mine from thehomebrewcompany, but they seemed to be more expensive on there than I've seen before (think mine were about 40 quid each delivered). I think there is a discount code on the cheat page though which might bring the price down a bit, and if you get 3 of them you save a...
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    Win a Kit of your Choice from LoveBrewing

    Deer Stalkers Black Oaked Ale sounds awesome!
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    Grain Mill - care & maintenance

    This is the chappy: https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/malt-mill-3-roller/
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    Grain Mill - care & maintenance

    Thanks everyone for the responses. Hadn't even considered something as simple as a brush, lol. Common sense often escapes me :laugh8: I think I may well store it inside as well, I've got room in my airing cupboard that will be nice and toasty warm.
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    Grain Mill - care & maintenance

    Hey all So for my recent anniversary my wife kindly (after strict instructions and the correct link) bought me a 3 roller grain mill from the chaps at Malt Miller (with some grain too!). I used it at the weekend for a Peat Smoked Porter, and I absolutely love it. I'm not sure if it was the...
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    "This site can't be reached" (message)

    No probs. I think this is the case with others, but just wanted to make it completely clear to help pinpoint the issue. I can access the site perfectly when at home on wifi, it's only when I'm out and about and on Mobile Data that I can't access it.
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    "This site can't be reached" (message)

    I have exact same issue on my iPhone with EE - I thought it was just me :-)
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    Wine kit value for money

    Would be interested in the delivery charge to the highlands please @kelper as I'd quite like to try these in my next red - although got enough bottled at the moment to last me about a year at least, I like beer too much!