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    Love Brewing Giveaway - Still Spirits Tonic Water Flavouring Kit!

    Fantastic idea. Count me in please
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    Love Brewing Giveaway! - Spiritworks Artisan Flavourings

    Great giveaway Strawberries & Cream Tan's London Gin Sloe Gin Pink Gin Sicilian Lemon Gin Thanks!
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    Keg That Giveaway!

    Hazy IPA please
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky freedom please
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    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Nevada would be awesome. I'm in
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    Pros & cons between 30 & 50l allinone?

    I have a 45l and wish I sprung the extra £100 for a 60l. I can just do 2 cornys with the 45l by sparging the grain with fresh water in buckets and then topping up the kettle in the boil phase. Works well but the extra capacity would have been nice. I would say the more you drink the greater...
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    Mangrove Jacks Hard Seltzers Competition Time

    Count me in thanks 😊
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    Win a Kit of your Choice from LoveBrewing

    Black Grouse Honey Oaked sounds delightful. Thanks for the opportunity
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    Bored of NEIPA

    Just brewed my first loosely based on Clawhammer one. It is bloody lovely but also quite expensive comparable to other brews. Glad I've done it and am enjoying it but I won't be rushing to brew it again.
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    45l sauvignon blanc 28l Pilsner 33l NEIPA Total = 17890l
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    Wanted - Grainfather G30 & Conical Fermenter

    My hopcat and conical were 550, add an inkbird for 30, a 2nd hand chest freezer for 30 and a heat belt for 15 and voila!
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    Robobrew V Hopcat

    Timescale :laugh8:
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    Robobrew V Hopcat

    You won't go far wrong with that pal. Finger's crossed they keep to the