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    More people will eat less meat it could be more to do with cost than environment issues.
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky freedom taa
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    The Next Dr Who [POLL]

    Richard Ayoade could make a good Dr Who
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Cos it can be caught again apparently
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    I've seen the vaccine work first hand. 2 people I know got covid at the same time. 1 jabbed 1 not jabbed 1 young Ish 1 oldish. Young one laid up in bed for 2 weeks and difficulty breathing, not jabbed older one complained of having man flu but still poorly with less side effects of covid jabbed...
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    Best Beer Names

    I've just spelt it does it have a profanity filter? Can prove it by spelling it but might get done.
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    Common word pairs.

    Mountain Goat
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    Overrated beers

    Does session just mean it's a bit weak?
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    86 new cases on Friday 9th July. We were discussing this at work apparently South Africa are doing similar just wondering if it may become compulsory over here as my works place is still collecting data about who's been jabbed.
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Think this may be spreading to other countries..................................... No jabs, no job: Fiji threatens unvaccinated workers with sack.
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    Euro 2020, who's watching?

    A few disrespectful "fans" again booing the Italian national anthem and fighting at the ground again. When will the FA clamp down on these fools?
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    Fizzy stout.

    Yeah Brewers Friend. Google priming calculator it's comes top of list
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    Fizzy stout.

    Just looked at a priming sugar calculator on brewers friend and it recommends about 2.5g per 500ml of stout.
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    Best one is " you've had a accident" ask them where it was and what it was they hang up.
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    This has to be a con!

    It is the best choose for me