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    Who remembers and used.

    I remember the adage . . . don't get your **** caught in the wringer!
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    Rye malt

    I started brewing with rye about 20 years ago. I can say with confidence, if you aren't using at least 20% in your grist bill, you're wasting your time. When I started using rye, there was virtually nothing in print about it. Now everybody says how gummy it is. Malted rye isn't any more...
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    Shelf Life of Malt.

    I was digging around in my garage and found a sealed, 10# plastic tub of pils malt that had apparently been on the back of a shelf for a decade. It wasn't moldy or riddled with bugs so I used it in my next batch. It was fine.
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    Equipment Crossover?

    Off hand, the only extra hardware needed would be a large mesh bag to contain the crushed fruit. You can ferment on the skins for a red wine and then lift the bag like BIAB and drain for secondary fermentation. If you're using concentrates, you won't need the bag.
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    Dextrine malt for head retention

    Beer clean glassware is an often overlooked aspect. Here's an article from many years ago which illustrates the need for cleanliness.
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    Dextrine malt for head retention

    The glycoprotein rest was a favorite of the late, great George Fix. I use it in most of my lager beers.
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    Dextrine malt for head retention

    Take it easy with the Dextrin malt; it will sweeten your beer. Do you skim your wort when it's coming up to the boil? That foam contains most of the stuff needed for head formation and retention.
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    Extending my mash time

    I had an inadvertent reason to mash for longer than the normal hour. After about 3.5 hrs, I got more extract than normal which eventually haunted me enough to go back to Dave Line's "Big Book of Brewing" which illuminated my mind and put me on the path of overnight mashing. All of the recent...
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    Extending my mash time

    I mash overnight most times too. I wrote an article for my club's newsletter in defense of myself and then posted it to my website. It's included.
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    Brewing with honey

    Mr. Rook is completely right. Remember, honey has been fermented for thousands of years without pasteurising
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    Solar Brewing

    My continuing efforts to improve the lot of homebrewers everywhere.
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    This seems to be the age-old dilemma . . . a matter of perspective. I found this little story some time back. It's certainly worth the read. Bar Stool Economics Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our...
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    Another Energy Source

    I've been struggling with fossil fuel usage and thought I had that moral dilemma conquered. I was wrong.
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    Conversion rate and efficiency

    Mash thickness seems to be a great mystery to many. Our army, as brewers, are the enzymes which break-down crushed grain from one kind of carbohydrate to another . . . from starch to sugar. It is our job to provide the enzymes with the conditions most favorable to make this happen...