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    Putting sparkle into wine without secondary fermentation

    looks like Big Clive had this exact idea - do let us know if you experiment, be interested to see your results too.
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    Beer dispenser or straight from the keg?

    Got a link to the direct tap kegs? Just to he sure we know which variety you are referring to.
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    Putting sparkle into wine without secondary fermentation

    Good luck, sounds like a very interesting experiment. My own guess (and it is no more than that!) is that the quantity required to get the wine to the desired pressure to get the co2 absorbed by the wine, would be pretty high making this costly. And that even though they 'should' dissolve away I...
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    Next steps for ‘tuning’ beer lines on kegarator

    I have al.kst the exact set up you have and now serve at about 5 to 8psi - this pours me nicely carbed beer, small head and plenty of life in it. Tried higher pressure at first and beer was getting flatter and flatter as disturbed too much in the pour. Good things just take time ;) You can...
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    IPL recipe

    Online Store | brewstore £6.75 for 100g pellets here, delivered - if you don't mind mixing suppliers? I usually bulk order a load of malt and my most common hops from malt Miller, and then grab additional hops and yeasts from crossmyloof - they are good in my experience.
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    Next steps for ‘tuning’ beer lines on kegarator

    How long does it take to pour a full pint? Mine is a similar pour to yours I am guessing. Through my playing I've never been able to get it faster without finding the beer foamy or flat - so now I am just happy with my pour, not super fast, but a super pint!
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    Keezer mould after storage

    White vinegar will also do the job but I'd personally go bleach.
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    Christmas purchase incoming....

    Another plus one for brewkegtap - great company and you can't get much cheaper even if you buy bits and bobs from China - their 'starter' kits are good and good value. Just find someone supplying co2/cellar gas locally and you ae good to go. My other 'tip' if you are going the keezer or...
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    Half measures

    Yes will be fine, as long as the best before date hasn't passed.
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    Keezer, in through the hump?

    Thanks all - not had chance to have a proper look yet, but will try to investigate a bit tomorrow. I could do a collar but as the keezer is built into a work surface there is only about 10cm above the lid, so would only be a tiny collar - but that is all I'd need.
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    Terminally ill Darrell Meekcom, mooned a speed cam as part of a list of things he wanted to do before he died

    There certainly are loads of great police out there, but there definitely are a few who seem to delight in wielding their power over us. This does not seem proportionate at all.
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    HYCC Digital Magnetic Stirrer MX-8K - review

    I'll let you know how well it gets on with wort ;) It seems that a very similar stirrer is sold under a different name - Look at this on eBay Magnetic Stirrer with LCD Display Timing Function, 250~2000rpm 3500ml Max NEW | eBay 0 Wonder what tit will go for?
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    HYCC Digital Magnetic Stirrer MX-8K - review

    So in all very happy. Easily stirs 2 litres, and I've tried it with 4 and it managed fine (didn't get a picture as was in a garden bucket.) The instructions are very simple, turn it on with the adapter, then first sent the stir time - 0 will stir forever, otherwise you are setting minutes - I...
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    HYCC Digital Magnetic Stirrer MX-8K - review

    So I have been wanting a stirrer for a while, as they seemed fun and scientific and I can pretend I'm doing experiments, rather than just brewing beer to drink. I was going to make one, but as much as I enjoy playing with electronics, I just don't have the time or headspace right now. In my...