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  1. Cwrw666

    Cold crashing sucks

    Only ever cold crash wine. No fridge necessary, well not in our house anyway. I don't use air locks with FVs so suckback is not a problem. With regards to oxydation - not really a problem as the fermented brew is chock a block with dissolved CO2 which it is slowly releasing and providing a CO2...
  2. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    REVIEW GREEN CHILI IPA OG: 1052 FG: 1008 ABV: 5.8% Now this one came out very well indeed - very easy drinking despite being 5.8% which is a tad on the strong side for me. Just the right level of bitterness and just enough chili to clear out your tubes but not enough so that after one...
  3. Cwrw666

    How many kegs do you own

    Just one pressure barrel for me. But I don't use it. Thinking I'll eventually convert it into an FV.
  4. Cwrw666

    Can I bottle half my brew now and half later?

    If it was me I'd chuck in a bit of sugar after bottling the first lot to get it generating more CO".
  5. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    And... disposing of the spent grains.
  6. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    Today's brew: 1864 LOVIBOND XB PALE ALE SOURCE: Pattinson, but substituting a bit of sugar for some of the pale malt. BREW LENGTH: 5 gallons. GRAINS: 8.5 Lb Pale malt (I use Hook Head from THBC) HOPS: 50g EKG (90m), 50g EKG (60m), 40g EKG (30m) plus 8 ozs sugar (10m), plus protofloc...
  7. Cwrw666

    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Had my first jab on thursday at my doctors. A very efficient setup they had too. Alright for 24 hours then had massive joint and muscle pains plus feverish shivvering. Painful shoulder and for some reason my gall bladder was giving me gyp, which is odd as I had it removed last october...
  8. Cwrw666

    Anyone mad enough to grow their own hops?

    I'm in west wales , 600 feet up a mountain and they do ok here though last year they suffered a lot from being battered in gales all summer. I would think they'd be fine in the NW but do cover them with a big dollop of straw or something over winter to insulate them from the frosts.
  9. Cwrw666

    Batch prime or individual prime for bottles

    I've tried batch priming and it worked ok but... I like to drink a sample at bottling and I bottle from the tap so until I'm halfway through the FV it's still a bit cloudy so I ended up drinking sugary primed beer. Not nice. So I went back to priming each bottle. It's hardly a problem, how long...
  10. Cwrw666

    Why Has My Ginger Beer Become Clear?

    I seem to remember getting a bottle of Badger brewery beer with ginger from Tescos that was totally underwhelming. Though I have been thinking of having a go at one - I'm currently drinking a chili IPA which is frankly awesome, basically GH's English IPA but with fresh chilis added to the boil...
  11. Cwrw666

    Why Has My Ginger Beer Become Clear?

    Yes but his recipe is not ginger beer, but proper beer with a bit of ginger flavouring it. Not the same thing at all.
  12. Cwrw666

    Confused about flame out additions

    I chuck em in as soon as I've turned the boiler off then leave it alone for half an hour before draining into the FV. I also do some Victorian brews that have hop additions only at 90, 60 and 30 minutes. They have loads of hop aroma and flavour. My conclusion is that whatever you do will have...
  13. Cwrw666

    IBUs not adding up...

    The hopping rates look about right for an IPA to me. I'd suggest that the term `superbly well balanced beer' is a bit meaningless. Sounds like the kind of crap you find written on the back of beer bottles.
  14. Cwrw666

    Newbie, Geordie bitter stuck at 110g after 7 days

    1010 sounds quite normal, but 7 days is too soon really. Give it a few more days but don't worry if it's still 1010 at the end, but by then you'll know it has really finished.
  15. Cwrw666

    What's ya cost saver?

    Presumably dry hopped hops have only lost their flavour/aroma so still have all their alpha acids for bittering. As I've never dry hopped and never intend to it's not something I'm able to try. Re-using yeast is probably the most effective cost cutter after bulk buying. Growing your own hops...