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    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    Terry, I found the comments in the article just as interesting as the article. I didn't think you were dissing my choices. It's interesting to to learn more about the things I don't know that much about and pet bottles are one. Where I really have a dislike is drinking from a plastic glass. So...
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    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    I was in a 'spoons pub years ago and saw they had duval - So I ordered one. I had to ask for a glass - how on earth can you drink out of that shape bottle. Unbelievable!
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    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    but your beer isn't pastuerised is it? - so would be less likley to go flat anyways? - I've never kept any fizzy liquid in a plastic bottle for 2 years so have no experience of that. I am no way dissing anyones choice of plastic over glass. There are pros and cons which lead us to choose whats...
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    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    Why Beer Isn't Sold in Plastic Bottles. this link is interesting, although the point about beer going flat over time is less of an issue if your beer is bottled conditioned.
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    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    I use brown glass bottles with 1 plastic bottle as a carb tester to let me know when I can put them in a cooler place. Glass should be better for storing beer over extended periods.
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    Extract brewing: DME v LME

    dme all the way for me but will use lme as part of a premium kit... eg brewfferm
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    What did you brew today?

    a lighter abbey beer - bittered and dry hopped with amarillo. just bottled it so no name for it until sampling time wink...
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    How do i check glass bottles are ready to go in the cellar ?

    ideally you should put one beer into a fizzy drinks plastic bottle. when it goes rock hard it's carbonated. otherwise if temps have been high where you are open a bottle in 5 days. chill it for 5 or 6 hours in fridge - to get co2 in the beer rather than headspace and try it. repeat in a few days...
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    Joke of the day.

    The norse god thundered down the mountain and after a long an treacherous ride on horseback arrived at a small village. I'm Thor he announced. They you should of sat on you saddle silly - his horse replied.
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    What do you do with 40 pints of beer??!

    you can cook with beer and use it in bread instead of water. I would just brew 10-15% shorter for a stronger beer. and store the rest.
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    Make the best of it

    you can pick up a pack of dme from wilkos for 4.50 to give it more oomph and brew a little short
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    erdinger, paulinger schneider & sohn or weihenstephener are better athumb..
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    hmm... I had a single can of elvis juice from my son. Which I think is an emergency Fathers day present because my real present is in the post.. when I sneakily pressed a little it is an xxl so its not beer. ashock1 Not surprised as my Mrs has probably told everyone NOT to buy me beer... she...
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    Session etiquette..

    I have a weisse beer glass and a goblet and a couple of other style glasses - but for weiss beer it has to be in a weissbeer glass. I'll also rinse if going from a heavy to light style.
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    Homebrew expectations vs. commercial beer

    My homebrew varies sometimes it lives up to my expectations sometimes not. Varying from that was exactly what I wanted and better than I can buy to that didn't work out - still drinkable but still need to buy in my favourite commercials. My recent neipa was not cloudy and more like a dipa-aipa -...