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    Pressure kegs

    And attach this to the spigot after removing the corny keg fitting
  2. Darren Jeory

    Pressure kegs

    One of these
  3. Darren Jeory

    Pressure kegs

    Does anyone know of a dispense tap that can be fitted to a pressure keg spigot? Or alternatively has anyone rigged their own? I was looking at those "picnic dispensers" that are basically a thumb triggered tap on a hose intended for corny kegs. Could you detach the tube and fit to the spigot...
  4. Darren Jeory

    Maris Otter and East Kent Golding

    I fancy making a good old British brew with MO and EKG. What recipes have you guys got that incorporate these british beauties?
  5. Darren Jeory

    Mini keg

    Just thought I would share this as it looks to me like a good deal as they have the tap built in and the price is good...
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    Cold conditioning waiting for some new bottles to arrive so primary finished a week ago and I thought I would take advantage of the cold weather and move my FV outside to crash but then I wondered if this would make the yeast drop out leaving nothing leftbfor carbing?
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    Cold conditioning

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can cold condition then bottle/carb or if you should bottle first? Thanks
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    Poured 29 bottles down the sink today.

    I made a "pilsner" from a wilko kit once...tried it...didn't like it and moved on. 6 months later I thought I'd have a try and it was really nice
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    Under carbonation

    Yeah...mine tasted pretty good and it needs cold conditioning for a month yet so I'm hopeful if it carbonates ok
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    Under carbonation

    I deliberately put one in a clear glass swing top so I can see what's going on and there is still a little bit of activity
  11. Darren Jeory

    Under carbonation

    I did have a slow ferment to be fair...its kolsch and its been dragging its feet
  12. Darren Jeory

    Under carbonation

    I used a sugar water solution...I used a calculator but...
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    Under carbonation

    Just wondering if I've miscalculated my priming sugar
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    Under carbonation

    I would usually expect it to be pretty much done at that point but it's approx 50%