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    What did you brew today?

    Just done a mangrove Jack's American pale ale added 1kg brew enhancer, yeast was MJ empire ale , brewed short 20lts, start gravity 1.046. Can't wait
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    It looks fantastic, any idea what abv it is
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    Tom caxton real ale

    After saying I wanted to try another pilsner my son got me a John bull pilsner after adding 23litres to the kit I used 1kg beer enhancer. Sg 1033 after 8 day's took a reading 1010, then 9 day's 1008, looks like everything is going on the right direction. I plan to bottle up Saturday, total 15...
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    Pilsner worries

    Hi everyone decided to do john bull pilsner for my next brew, after smashing it with tom caxton ale my confidence is flying. Any advice will be great especially with temperatures 👍
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    Tom caxton real ale

    Cheers Clint, I will take a look.
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    Tom caxton real ale

    First attempt was evil dog pilsner didn't go to plan, want to try another pilsner
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    Tom caxton real ale

    Second attempt at homebrew much better tom caxton 4.8% fantastic, now I am ready for the next challenge. Amy suggestions!