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    pimping a kit to make a NEIPA

    There's a u tube video for an NEIPA using a Coppers Australian Pale Ale can as a base. It uses an additional mini mash, but its all stove top so not that daunting, his instructions are good and it's a good intro to this area. Make a NEIPA using a COOPERS PALE ALE kit - YouTube It's vey nice...
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    lighting and temperature for conditioning

    You will be absolutely fine. Seems nearly ideal!
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    New to Kegging standard beer kits

    You've cracked it now! What are you doing your AG in?
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    New to Kegging standard beer kits

    Hi, Can you explain in a bit more detail what your carbonating and serving procedure is and then I'm sure we can all offer advice. What pressure are you carbonating at? How long did you leave it hooked up to the gas carbonating? At what temperature? What pressure and temperature do you have it...
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    Mangrove Jacks Irish Stout February Giveaway

    Oh yes. Count me in. Thanks.
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    Keg help

    Buy 2 more black ball lock disconnects and john guest fittings and about a metre of beer line. Connect them to both ends of the beer line. Put one black disconnect on the beer out of your main 19lt keg and the other black one on the beer out of the smaller 5lt keg. Assuming that you have...
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    Keg help

    Kegs and Cornies both work on the same principles and the attachments are generally all interchangeable. In order to advise you of which route you should go down and what kit you need we really need to know how you are going to use it, both now and also what is the 'end game' (if there is one)...
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    Disgusting Batch - Help What Went Wrong

    Just a thought, but if you are bottling and all 40 pints have the same off flavour then my money would be more on cleanliness or an infection at the FV stage or even your syphon tube. Statistically it seems less likely that the cleanliness on all 40 bottles failed at the same time and all...
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    G30 False bottom group buy interest.

    Hello, we meet again! Might be interested but just a bit worried that if this is an Italian company we might get a bill for UK VAT when the goods arrive over here?
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    Keg tap options - help needed

    Agree with Buffers Brewery. Do you have enough clearance between the door and the kegs to mount a tap on the inside of the door? You'd have to be a bit creative on how you mount it but it could be a solution. There's always party taps and pluto guns to dispense the beer, but really to have any...
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    Inkbird Amazon £22.49 Lightning Deal

    Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Dual Relays Heating Cooling 220V Plug: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Only today and 80% claimed already.
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    Grainfather Bluetooth Connection to Brewfather

    Doh...... Numb nuts me is trying to connect via Brewfather when I should be using the Grainfather (app). Too many ‘fathers‘ around! All done now.
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    Grainfather Bluetooth Connection to Brewfather

    Hi, How do I enable the Bluetooth connection on the Grainfather? I can't see anything on the Brewfather App and the display on the Connect box isn't displaying the Bluetooth logo. What am I not doing? Thanks
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    Dark farm 10lt kegs versus Cornies

    Both the cornies and the kegs use the same ball lock fittings and connections so no real difference there. They are interchangeable between the formats and you can fill kegs from cornies and vice versa, so in many ways they are interchangeable and complementary. Structurally the main difference...