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  1. DavidHatton

    Forum Christmas Brew

    I would probably do 10 litres or less, as I have 2 xmas monsters conditioning.
  2. DavidHatton

    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    21 Litres Citra & Simcoe APA Total 17520
  3. DavidHatton

    What did you brew today?

    Citra & Simcoe American Pale Ale, been trying out some new hop combo's, Voss is the yeast as the house is 32c, chilled to 38c and still stuck a throw around it! some like it hot!! acheers.
  4. DavidHatton

    Forum Christmas Brew

    happy to brew any recipe that is agreed, all good fun..
  5. DavidHatton

    Forum Christmas Brew

    Don't mind having a go!
  6. DavidHatton

    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    Reminds me of a video that was ont internet about americans wanting a 3rd term for Obama.
  7. DavidHatton

    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    The cynic in me is expecting a second term.
  8. DavidHatton

    How often do you brew?

    Yeah me too, from november to march. Bad timing. 😀
  9. DavidHatton

    How often do you brew?

    Normally every two weeks, weekend days really, got a week off in september/ early october for my birthday....going to brew alternate days that week... Stash.
  10. DavidHatton

    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Got a citra pale with voss planned for tomorrow, house currently at 28c. don't have temp controlled fermentation yet....A furry throw should do the trick. :laugh8:
  11. DavidHatton

    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Azacca & Centennial pale ale, kveik fermented at room temp 32c 😂😂😂 Summer Breeze.
  12. DavidHatton

    Its too hot!

    36c In my office yesterday & the bloody corridor radiator was on. aheadbutt
  13. DavidHatton

    Keg King's Round Table

    Would be careful with those guns, I have heard these fermenters are prone to splitting!
  14. DavidHatton

    Other hobbies

    Past tense, gig photographer, was a great semi-pro hobby, took up too many evenings so moved away from the trade and much happier, also wrote gig reviews and album reviews for a small magazine. mainly heavy rock and metal..
  15. DavidHatton

    Brews Brothers

    Will have to check it out, sounds cringeworthy :laugh8: