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    December Competition

    Evening all, Wasn't aware that I had to give feedback on all the entries when I asked to do the judging, thought it was only on the top 3, my apologises! I have also asked to be removed from the future Judging as I don't want to be involved. Once again my apologises for not fully understanding...
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    December Competition

    Evening Gents, Was a real pleasure to sample such a great bunch of beers. Found it to be harder than first expected, so here are the results:- 3rd Gunt, Stu's golden ale, lovely and crisp but with a nice light biscuity caramel flavour. 2nd Jail Ale, Richard M, very tasty, malty & hoppy ale...
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    December Competition

    Hey, had a cold for a few days, so tasting was delayed, will do the last few tonight and outcome will be up thursday evening. 🙂
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    December Competition

    Hi, a total of 10 bottles have been entered, will judge them on thursday & friday, so results will be posted this coming weekend!!
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Toasting the winter solstice, first glass of the winter ale I brewed about 7 weeks ago, Been in the keg since end of October. Very very warming and rich!
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Wilko's Stout, 5 weeks in the keg and served through the hand pull, lovely!!
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    December Competition

    Will be judging the above competition, British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds So please DM if you would like to get involved. Tasting & Judging to be held new years eve or after if there are some later entries. Cheers David
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    Competition schedule 2022

    Can do Dark beers June!!
  9. DavidHatton

    Competition schedule 2021

    PM response send mate!! athumb..
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    Raid on illegal Bolton distillery

    Do we have any home brewers in that area, if so are we adding the 200,000 litres to the how many litres brewed thread :D:D:coat:
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    I remember Skips they was prawn flavour.
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    Equipment For Sale 60 swing top bottles with crates

    Hello, looking to sell my remaining swing top bottles, crates included, £30 Collection from hillsborough sheffield. Cheers
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    20 Litres of Wilko's Stout. Total 22,550 Litres